Tuesday, 26 July 2016

The Dead Goats / Demonbreed split EP

Testimony Records is new label for me, I don’t know any other releases they did except this split 7”EP which I just bought. But soon I will have try to find some more stuff that they released, and which are full length albums of both bands that are featured on this small piece of black wax. These bands are The Dead Goats and Demonbreed. Before I have a chance to listen to the albums, I can treat this split as an appetiser prior to the arrival of real main course.
I started with Demonbreed, because I didn’t know this band before. And right from the first riff they bought me. Right off I was like “oohhh yeah, this is the shit I’m gonna like a lot!!!”. And I do! It’s very cool old school death metal with that slight Swedish vibe and sound. Definitely these guys know how to please maniacs of this music. “Rupture the Coven” is a killer mix of melodic and aggressive riffage, with a lot of memorable, almost catchy playing. It is relatively fast and just blows the speakers with great energy. I like it a lot, really. I will definitely have to grab a copy of “Where Gods Come to Die”.
The Dead Goats… I think I have everything this band released so far and they have not disappointed me even once. And this new song “The Gloom That Came to Salem” is once again proving that they’re fantastic band. I feel like this is one of their best, most vicious and aggressive songs. And it’s fast and eerie! I liked it since the first riff and that killer opening theme, which will immediately evoke the dark, horror atmosphere in the music. But the best is the ending part, with that bloody brilliant and strongly infectious melody. I felt down astonished. It sounds simply excellent. You know what? When I listen to this “The Gloom That Came to Salem” I have strong reminiscence of old Entombed. And I wish Entombed were still doing such killer songs. Sadly, they haven’t done any since “Clandestine” album. The student surpassed the master!!!
Now I am sharpening my teeth for full length albums of both bands! Bring them on! I am ready!!

Final rate: 80/100

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