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BAPHOMET / BANISHED - Biography plus reviews

BAPHOMET / BANISHED - Biography plus reviews
This is awesome, but BAPHOMET was actually one of the very first death metal bands that I got to know somewhere between 1991 and 92, when while spending the pocket money on another tape at the local music store I picked up their “Dead Shall Inherit” MC (released by the famous Polish pirate label MG). Surprisingly, BAPHOMET never really managed to get to the top league of death metal bands and even though many maniacs may know their name(s) – and both albums – I somehow doubt that many will consider them to be their favourite band. To put it simply, they were just one of many on the American scene, but anyway they surely should be remembered for some cool massive crushing death metal. Band’s from Buffalo, NY. It was June 1987, when Gary Schipani (bass) gave birth to BAPHOMET. After a while the line up settled with Joe Gammalo and Steve Rzepka on guitars, Scott Calkins on drums and Brian Jezioro on vocals. This five-piece quickly created few songs, which ended up on satanic death tape titled “Rigor Mortis” demo 1988. Soon Mike Paravalos replaced Jezioro on vocals and “The Battle With Death” demo 1989 was created with six new songs and one (“Flames From Hell”) track from the previous demo. Another line up change comes, when Dave Graiglow replaced Gammalo and Rick Breier becomes a new drummer. This line up recorded demo number three, “Morbid Realities” with just four songs of again rather badly produced, but cool satanic old school death metal, with some great riffs showing potential behind BAPHOMET. But the biggest problem of the band at that time was unstable line up… Another change came after the “Morbid Realities” demo, when Jack Frost became new vocalist. With him in the line up, in 1990, BAPHOMET entered the studio in order to record a promotional material, which would be available to the record labels only, with a simple aim – to get the record deal. This material was 10 songs of classic American styled death metal rhino… and most of the songs were new versions of the old demo songs – basically from every tape the band picked up a song and recorded it again, so there were as old tunes as “Flames of Hell” and “Rigor Mortis” from the first demo, as well as “Autopsy” from the second tape and the entire third demo re-recorded. Two of these songs (“Spectral Maniac” and “Torn Soul”) were released on 7”EP by N.F.O. Records in 1990 (and this EP is probably my favourite material from the band). Sometime later, in 1991, the band was asked to do another EP for AFTER WORLD Records. The seven inch is titled “Boiled in Blood” and is a true classic of US death metal. It has just two songs – both done live – but both are killer. They’ve been recorded with new guitarist, Tom Bukowski, who replaced Rzepka. But Bukowski soon leaves the band as well and since then BAPHOMET remains to be a quartet. In May 1990 they signed a deal with DEAF Records for debut album “The Dead Shall Inherit”. After a looooong wait for the American distributor, PEACEVILLE takes over the contract, giving the band better offer and a new US distributor. But it took a while before everything was straightened and till then BAPHOMET does different mix, mastering and tracklisting of the album, which ends up on the final version of CD / LP (the first version was available only in 50 copies through DEAF / PEACEVILLE as a test pressing LP). “The Dead Shall Inherit” – which was recorded at Border City Recording Studio in Niagarafall – is released in May 1992. The album was noticed and many maniacs liked the band’s slow, crushing death metal stabs. The band since then played also many gigs with best bands of the underground like MORBID ANGEL, IMMOLATION, DEICIDE, OBITUARY, NAPALM DEATH… The things fucked up a bit though, as BAPHOMET guys decided to change the moniker – because of the German BAPHOMET – and after the short period as HATRED they decided to pick up BANISHED as their new bandname. Under this new moniker this US death monster released two EPs first: “Banished” (1993, OLYMPIC / PEACEVILLE Records; with songs “Altered Minds” and “Cast Out The Flesh”, both taken from 1993 unreleased demo session) and “Enter the Confines” (also in 1993, for PEACEVILLE with songs “Enter the Confines    “ and “Altered Minds”). In 1994 BANISHED – surprisingly in the same, unchanged line up! Haha) - enters the studio (again the Border City Recording Studio in Niagarafall) to record “Deliver Me unto Pain”, their second album. The CD / LP were released by DEAF in 1994. Unfortunately when this LP was released PEACEVILLE had lost their US distribution so it was not released in the US. I guess that may have been one of the reasons why BANISHED soon split up soon after – but I haven’t really got much information about that period of their existence and to be honest I can only guess. Funnily there weren’t any interviews I could find nor a website which would help me getting some more details about BANISHED and their end. Anyway, I don’t think the promotion was that terrible, since the band even recorded a video for that album. Maybe  it just wasn’t the best time for death metal anymore. But did they tour with this LP, I have no idea. Both albums – “Dead Shall Inherit” and “Deliver Me unto Pain” - were re-released in 2006 by PEACEVILLE on digipacks. I don’t think any of the band members carried on their musical journey afterwards, except Tom Frost, who sang in few bands like YELLOW NUMBER 5, STEMM, MOMENT OF TRUTH, but none of the was ever known to the metal maniacs, although with STEMM he has recorded one full length (the band plays metalcore, by the way!). Tom Butkowski and Steve Rzepka from the early line up both have been members of CARNAL DSSECTION, death metal band from Buffalo, which was around 1991-92 and recorded two demo tapes in 1992. This band included also members of TIRANT SIN (known for being the first band of some CANNIBAL CORPSE members). But that’s all I know. If you, my dear reader, have some more information, please share them with me and I don’t hesitate putting them here!
As Baphomet:
Rigor Mortis (Demo 1988 )
The Battle With Death (Demo 1989)
Morbid Realities (Demo     1989)
Promo 1990 (Demo 1990)
Baphomet (Single 1990)
Boiled in Blood Single 1991)
The Dead Shall Inherit (Test Pressing) (Full-length 1991)
The Dead Shall Inherit (Full-length 1992)

As Banished:
Deliver Me unto Pain (Full-length 1993)
Banished (Single 1993)
Enter the Confines (Single 1993)
Altered Minds / Cast Out the Flesh (Single 1993)
 Morbid Realities (demo tape 1989)
Recorded: Recorded and produced by BAPHOMET in August 1989.
I have to admit it kinda feels weird to me to listen to “Morbid Realities” demo. Why? Well, I’ve got to know this material only recently, while I've used to know the band BAPHOMET for years, but only from their other recordings, “Dead Shall Inherit” album especially, but also from a live EP they did as well as BANISHED album. Being used to and having in mind the mid paced, damn brutal and massive death metal from mentioned releases I was expecting to get something in similar vein, meanwhile “Morbid Realities” attacked with completely different music! Hold on, I don’t want you to understand me wrong – it’s still death metal of corpse, but for fuck sake, it has more in common with early POSSESSED, DEATH and some prehistoric thrash metal bands like early KREATOR or SLAYER than with SUFFOCATION and OBITUARY I usually compare BAPHOMER / BANISHED to.  And damn me, but if BAPHOMET doesn’t sound sooooo wonderfully old school and archaic here then I’m a disco fan! "Morbid Realities" is rather badly produced, but such amateurish sound gives it an extra feeling and fits to the death metal recordings of late 80’s / early 90’s so well that I cannot imagine this demo without it (not surprising is the fact that nowadays many bands try to get such sound back!). Despite that low quality production, “Morbid Realities” still sounds fine to me, as it gives me everything I may hope for – razor sharp guitar riffs, hammering drums, vomiting vocals… and the impression of band playing live in their rehearsal room. Cool! The intro that opens the demo is just worthless, so I’ll usually skip it. “Inferno Invocation” starts almost like a very early black metal band, as its opening mid paced to fast riffage and rough vocals remind me an early SAMAEL for example. It’s very dark and damn evil stuff, but rather simple in the arrangements, with a chaotic guitar solo at the end. The six minute long “Sanguinary” has that thrash metal vibe I already mentioned and takes influences in equally measures from POSSESSED as well as from SLAYER’s “Show No Mercy”. Great song, with quite memorable, almost melodic riffing and the head-bangeable groove. The ultra massive opening riff of “Unexpected Internment” could be the first trace of the future BAPHOMET style, but soon the song transforms into real fast, chaotic death / black bomb (although no one would have called it black then I guess ha, ha). The riffs and structures are simple, guitar soloing noisy, but because the song is over seven minutes long it tends to be boring at the end. Anyway, I have to admit that I did enjoy this BAPHOMET early work. Maybe I didn’t expect the music to sound like this, but it’s a fine demo  from those Buffalo citizens and surely one, which every BAPHOMET / old school death metal maniac should get in his hands, even if it’s just an mp3.Lyrics: No lyrics available
Best song: “Sanguinary”
Final rate: 65/100

Spectral Maniac Torn Soul (N.F.O Records - EP 1990)
Recorded: Recorded and mixed at BORDER CITY Recordings in 1990.
Recording line up: Tom Frost – Vocals, Dave Craiglow – Guitar, Gary Schipani – Bass, Steve Rzepka – Guitar, Rick Breier – Drums
When I was listening to the third BAPHOMET demo “Morbid Realities” I almost couldn’t believe it was the same band that few years later created that classic death metal beast called “Dead Shall Inherit”, one of the forgotten jewels of the ancient American scene. This band sounded so different on the demo then, in 1989, but it only took one year to BAPHOMET to get transformed into to the style / sound I actually am familiar with from the 1991-94 recordings. All that came I guess with a help of major line up change that happened in that time. To be exact, BAPHOMET has found new vocalist, Tom Frost, whose vomiting style is totally different from Mike Paravalos’ – his low, guttural growling gave BAPHOMET an enormous dose of brutality. But also the riffing on this new recording changed a lot since “Morbid Realities”. To my opinion, BAPHOMET simply dropped the POSSESSED archaic style and joined the wave of new American bands, which started to spawn the much more brutal, faster and massive death metal. With this EP I have no problem putting BAPHOMET in one box with the likes of early SUFFOCATION first of all, but also with CANNIBAL CORPSE or OBITUARY. So, definitely it’s cool to observe this band evolving so quickly, and doing so in the right direction! This EP contains two tracks only – “Spectral Maniac” and “Torn Soul”, both were recorded on the infamous promotional tape that was presented to the record labels only and nowadays stays as a true jewel in someone’s collection. The production isn’t the most brilliant here; it’s quite raw, but brutal as hell and I honestly like it a lot, as it has so much energy and aggression that it ends up as a true ear crusher. As for the both tracks, they’re just years ahead of the stuff from “Morbid Realities”. Brutal, crushing, fast riffing, accompanied by the massive slowing downs, vomiting vocalisations, blasting drums… I don’t really like the beginning of “Spectral Maniac” song, it totally sucks and doesn’t fit the band’s style in my opinion at all, luckily quite quickly BAPHOMET drops this shit and brings proper blasts and tortures with axe-heavy riffs. “Torn Soul” is one of the best tracks in BAPHOMET discography, great song really, with some killer riffs and an enormous amount of rotten energy that make it a memorable tune. This track will leave you with the biggest neck-ache in your life! Both songs complete one of my favourite EPs of the early US death metal scene and I consider it as a must have to every collector of 7”EPs from these classic times. Don’t hesitate to buy it, even though you may have to spend quite much for it… but hell, it’s worth the money!
Best song: “Torn Soul”
Final rate: 75 / 100

The Dead Shall Inherit (Test Pressing)
Recorded: Recorded at BORDER CITY Recording Studio (Niagara Falls/New York). Different track listing, different mastering & mix than the regular LP / CD release. Only 50 test-pressings made, sold only directly through Deaf / Peaceville.
Recording line up: Tom Frost – Vocals, Dave Craiglow – Guitar, Gary Schipani – Bass, Rick Breier – Drums
This feels really weird to have a chance to listen to completely different version of an album that you already have been familiar with for over 15 years. It’s like you’ve been cooking a food with specific recipe for some years and all of a sudden someone decided to put an extra ingredient to it… It’s still the same shit, but at the same time it may taste totally different. This press-testing of fabulous “Dead Shall Inherit” was done in 1991, made in 50 copies only and in many aspects it can be seen as just different album from BAPHOMET. Why? Well, four of these songs appear on both versions of the album, but most of them (six all together!!!) don’t – that’s already a good reason for finding this recording, isn’t it? And that’s quite a mystery to me – how many songs did BAPHOMET record in the studio during this one session in 1991 then? Sixteen – ten of them are on this version and ten, including six new ones, on the proper release??!! If so, why did they decide to leave so many songs behind and put six new tracks into the “real” “Dead Shall Inherit”? It's really confusing, so maybe someone can give me some answers here, cause I’d fuckin' like to know!? Of course, 50 copies that were pressed 20 years ago is not many, so if you want to listen to this test-pressing nowadays you can have only two options – and it’s either getting mp3 or tape trading… Or buying a bootleg LP, which I actually bought and I must say it’s really well released, with cool artwork, etc, maybe it only lacks a bit of information, but the sound quality is very good. But the tracklisting of this test pressing is one thing, another reason for getting this version is simply because it sounds totally different than the “normal” “Dead Shall Inherit” LP. The sound difference is really big and as someone who knows shit about studio works, I’m pretty surprised that changing mastering and mixing can have such an effect on the music. Obviously the classic “Dead Shall Inherit” LP sounds totally more brutal, heavier, more “meaty” and professionally. This test-pressing from the other hand has a wonderful raw edge, which makes it so powerful that I just love it! To be honest with you, the production of “Dead Shall Inherit” is not my favourite one; it’s fine and good, but maybe a bit too polished, so here – with that raw, uncompromising sound - these songs got an extra flavour and energy. It's more or less like a demo, but with really merciless production. And the songs sound killer, in some cases maybe better that the actual album - and that's despite the more primitive feeling this recording has!!! The blasting opener “Animation of the Dead”, followed by two of the highlights, “Infection of Death” and “Torn Soul” present a band that was by then fully matured and which had I think by that time their own style. Sure, it might resemble such acts like CANCER and even CANNIBAL CORPSE or SUFFOCATION, as all these groups perform brutal, but groovy death metal. But BAPHOMET has something unique in their sound that I think is just their own trademark. It could be easily recognised just by the characteristic vocals of Tom Frost, who growls like no one else! And also the riffs – they're total headbangers; they’re brutal and classic, often violently fast, sometimes massively slow, but many of them are so catchy and energetic that you won’t have other choice but just bang your skull without mercy and destroy everything that’s around you. Also the ever-present and active bass gives an additional feeling, as its barbaric tone is just amazing! In the end, I have to be honest with you – in my opinion this test-pressing of “Dead Shall Inherit” is maybe even better than the real album; it’s more fierce, more powerful and I like the sound better (mind that I still think that the real album version of “Dead…” is great anyway!). This is severe, damn intense album – just listen to “Broken Krypt” – it might be one of the fastest death metal tracks from that time! So, I can only feel saddened that so many great songs were left unreleased. I don’t know if they’ll ever be released again, but it would be damn cool to have a well released LP of it, not just a bootleg.
Best song: “Torn Soul”, “Infection of Death”, “Boiled In Blood
Final rate: 90 / 100
The Dead Shall Inherit (PEACEVILLE Records 1992)
Recorded: Recorded at BORDER CITY Recording Studio (Niagara Falls/New York)
Recording line up: Tom Frost – Vocals, Dave Craiglow – Guitar, Gary Schipani – Bass, Rick Breier – Drums
There are quite few memories that I hold about this BAPHOMET debut album. I was a kid, only about 13 years old, when I bought the cassette of “Dead Shall Inherit” in a small kiosk that was selling tapes in my neighbourhood... that was years ago. The tape was a pirate version released by MG Records, but these days, in beginning of the 90’s, most of the metal albums in Poland were released “unofficially”, as the law was still in shreds after the fall of communism (but later this BAPHOMET album was also officially released by LOUD OUT Records – if I remember - on tape, so I got also this version). As a big fan then of DEATH, PESTILENCE and MORGOTH, I was about to witness one of the heaviest bands I’ve found so far. I think BAPHOMET sounded to me even heavier, or at least equally extreme, than things like SUFFOCATION and CANNIBAL CORPSE. And just like everything in death metal I bought then, I also quite liked “Dead Shall Inherit”, but honestly it wasn’t my favourite album. I probably even stopped listening to it totally for few years, until when sometime in 2002 I bought the vinyl version of the album. That encouraged me to come back to BAPHOMET and give it a spin once more. I still own this LP (tapes are lost in time…) and keep it with care, as I think this album is like good wine, gets better with age! I simply like it now more than I did over 15 years ago and I truly consider it as a unique, little forgotten rotten jewel of the early death metal scene. I think the artwork for “Dead Shall Inherit” is one of the best I’ve seen, its front cover with these zombies coming out of the graves is just brilliant and looks amazing on the LP. It’s also cool to see so many band photos in the insert / back cover. Music wise BAPHOMET had a lot to offer and in my honest opinion they were one of the most original US bands. Maybe the production of “Dead Shall Inherit” doesn’t blow me away, as it seems a bit weird, maybe little bit too polished, not brutal enough, while the performance of each band member and the strong material add up to the final, great effect. The album contains a number of absolutely killer songs. From the press-testing version of “Dead Shall Inherit” BAPHOMET kept just four songs but added six completely new ones. Among them there are those classic tunes like “Torn Soul”, BAPHOMET's highlight on previous each release, first time published on the EP 1990. “Boiled In Blood” and “Infection of Death” are another older songs, that appeared on the famous live EP first in 1990. These tracks still kick ass and deserve being on this full length totally. But leaving six tracks from the test pressing version of the album behind and exchanging them for six new ones must mean that BAPHOMET believed in the strength of their newest material and they were definitely right about that! These new songs are really great and allow noticing a progression that the band made. They bring some different ideas and more original style to the band. Sure, they’re still mostly based on the classic, American death metal style of brutal, guttural and damn heavy shit, which deliver both ultra fast playing, as well as some fuckin’ massive, crushing slow parts. So, you’ll find here tracks like the crushing “The Suffering”, starting with ghoulish intro and then ripping with some excellent riffage. “Through Deviant Eyes” is just brilliant, mid paced fucker, which will make your nose bleed, especially with these really fast parts that appear there and which are followed in about 2:30 by a killer slow part with vocals divided on the two channels. Great! “Leave the Flesh” is very SUFFOCATION-style killer, which will make you bang the skull unmercifully – this is one of my favourites! So, yeah – there’s a good bunch of classic, killer US death metal songs, all of them being just great and I can honestly say that I cannot spot any weak parts on that album – and that’s something you can’t say about many recordings, right? But if you also look at such “Streaks of Blood” for instance, with this keyboards and bass creating such a thrilling, horror feeling, then you may realise that BAPHOMET really had some unusual, original ideas, which differed them from the typical SUFFOCATION-esque band. Bass performance by Gary Schipani is one of the highlights of this album. This guy played some killer parts and luckily he didn’t allow the others to hide his instrument behind the wall of sound, so bass lovely clangs throughout the record, giving it an extra dimension – especially that often he plays some additional parts on its own. Another great aspect of “Dead Shall Inherit” is Tom Frost’s raspy vocal style, which is like no others and sounds just brilliant. So, putting all these things together - all these super performances, crushing riffs and cool ideas - BAPHOMET managed to complete one of the best American death metal albums of that time. This recording definitely deserves being labelled as a classic, an album that has an immortal power and that will slay even if another 10 years will pass. What's more, it's like I said in the beginning of this review - it's even gets better with time. I listened to it dozens of times through the past 17 years or so, and fuck... I can easily put it in the same league as "Butchered at Birth", "Cause of Death" and "Effigy of the Forgotten". And check out that killer front artwork!
Best song: “Torn Soul”, “Infection of Death”, “Leave the Flesh”, “Streaks of Blood”
Final rate: 90 / 100
Banished (PEACEVILLE Records – EP 1993)
Recorded: Both tracks taken from the unreleased 1993 demo session.
Recording line up: Tom Frost – Vocals, Dave Craiglow – Guitar, Gary Schipani – Bass, Rick Breier – Drums
 This is the first recording of BANISHED I’ve actually ever heard, and because I used to know BAPHOMET well for so many years, I was really intrigued if - as BANISHED - these Buffalo guys will still be able to rip the guts out in similar vein. I mean sometimes the change of the moniker can also bring the change of musical direction – whether it’s wanted by the fans or not, or even necessary. Luckily BANISHED is basically the same band as BAPHOMET, in every aspect – the line up is the same, the sound and so is the musical style they perform on this fantastic EP. And trust me; if you liked the horror atmosphere of the brutal death metal monster “Dead Shall Inherit”, then you will also love “Banished” EP. BANISHED simply crushes with these two wonderful tracks – “Altered Minds” and “Cast Out the Flesh”. The first one is just very much in the style of such cult songs like “Torn Soul” or “Infection of Death”. “Cast Out the Flesh” has slightly different riffing, mostly little groovy, but in the end it all ends up in the brutal US death metal box – with its massive sound, downtuned guitars and fantastically pounding bass guitar. Tom Frost’s vocals are again top class, maybe not so deep anymore, but this guy did damn great job here. But here all BANISHED members did great job – whether it’s the drummer, bassist (COOL!!!) or guitarist. Everything’s so perfect that I really wonder why BANISHED never got as much attention as SUFFOCATION or say CANNIBAL CORSPE did. Well, that the past now, all what matters is that this EP is just fuckin’ great and it’s a lovely introduction to “Deliver Unto Pain” LP.
Best song: both are fuckin’ great!
Final rate: 90 / 100
Delivered Me Unto Pain (DEAF Records – LP 1994)
Recorded: Recorded and mixed and Marks Studios, Clarence, New York, Spring 1993. Produced by BANISHED. Engineered by Fred. Mastered by Noel Summerville at Transformation, London.
Recording line up: Tom Frost – Vocals, Dave Craiglow – Guitar, Gary Schipani – Bass, Rick Breier – Drums
I have to admit that unlike the memorable “Dead Shall Inherit” – which I’ve been listening to since early the 90’s – this BANISHED (ex-BAPHOMET) album was unknown to me for many years. First I didn’t even know that this is the same band as BAPHOMET and second, I just kind of didn’t bother to pick up this album; for whatever reason. But finally I’ve discovered “Deliver Me Unto Pain” few years ago, it was I think when I realised this is actually the mighty BAPHOMET, only with different moniker. And believe me or not, but when I first listened to this CD it just blew me fuckin away into Mars or even higher into universe! I always liked “Dead Shall Inherit”, but didn’t expect that one day I’ll get an album that will match the brutal debut of this Buffalo crew. And this CD did, as all of a sudden these fierce sounds crushed everything around and caused a fuckin’ massacre in the neighbourhood. Basically once you know this is ex-BAPHOMET then all the puzzles get together into one piece. You can’t mistake the original death metal style of this band with anything else – simply no one else played like they did! The awesome, guttural voice of Tom Frost is just one and recognisable – here it may be little bit less deep or brutal, more understandable, but it’s damn great anyway. The skin-bashing bass work of Gary Schipani as always is one of the best ever in the death metal style. Dave Craiglow plays his destructive riffs with finesse of zombie; his parts are simple, but so heavy that your head may explode from headbanging. Anyone missing? Ah, Rick Breier, a drummer. Again great performance. Each of BANISHED members is skilled in death metal craft to perfection and also their composing and the ideas they bring on every release are of the highest quality. These guys just knew how to do it! Musically “Deliver Me Unto Pain” is a natural continuation of “Dead Shall Inherit”. The songs are played in very similar vein, in their unique style. It’s grinding brutal US death metal force with a license to kill. There are few songs that you may recognise – two off the first album (“Valley of the Dead” and “Through Deviant Eyes”) and two from “Banished” EP. All of them are perfectly recorded, but I don’t really understand the reason for re-recording the songs from the first album. Were they not good enough in their original versions? Anyway, that’s just a minor complain (I don’t even know if that’s complain at all?!). New tracks are just as great as I would expect it from this band. Fast and devastating opening track is just a blast. The title track is one of the best pieces ever recorded by death metal band! Tracks like “Skinned” “Anointing Of The Sick” and “Scars” are groovy death metal masterpieces played in fast / slow but massively heavy riffing. No bullshit, no useless fucking around – just plain, classic death metal feast for the old school zombies. And the production is just faultless, ideal for such style. It’s a perfect combination of everything that made “Dead Shall Inherit” so brilliant few years prior to this album. I dare to say that nowadays you won’t find any new bands that would play in similar style. Today they all just want to blast like hell or imitate the Swedish style – which is fine. But all that just makes BANISHED / BAPHOMET even more unique and classic and their albums will always be some of the best, but also most underestimated pieces in the death metal history. You’ll sin if you don’t buy this!
Best song: “Deliver Me unto Pain”, “Valley of the Dead”, “Altered Minds”, “Enter the Confines”
Final rate: 90 / 100


  1. Man...the promo90 IS actually the complete Test-Pressing!!!

  2. Only Difference are the songtitles!!! animation of the dead are = Torn soul!! Both first tracks,same lenght!! Infection of the Dead = Autopsy!!! and so on..

    Still the promo has the same full-lenght duration like the Test Pressing "40:50"min!!!
    Was re-released 2012 with great sound on CD!!
    Also : Promo 90 and Test Pressing are the SAME,Identical thing!!!

  3. Ha, the reunion disease is spreading and Baphomet is its newest victim - they're rejoining for A Day of Death Fest - and who knows what will happen later? I am not gonna judge the guys why and why actually now, when there're so many bands doing the same... I don't wanna... if the guys from Baphomet think it is fun to play again then who am I to forbid them to do it? And if they'll record a new album... if it will be a shit then I'll simply won't buy it.

  4. Great and emblematic album
    Worship Old school death metal bands like BAPHOMET
    Great post my friends, This is my review for "The Dead Shall Inheirt" album
    Enjoy it