Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Ghoulgotha - Prophetic Oration of Self

GHOULGOTHA - Prophetic Oration of Self (BLOOD HARVEST - 7"EP 2013)
I got familiar with this band, when I bought their split 7”EP with Into Darkness. But I honestly bought that EP strictly for Into Darkness, whose music I knew and loved already. Ghoulgotha was completely unknown to me. But as it often happens, I listened to their song and it turned out to be fantastic as well. So, I started digging a little and found out that they also have one more 7” in discography titled “Prophetic Oration of Self”, which was released by Blood Harvest, so a label, which I have a great respect for and quite few releases collected. I did not hesitate then and bought also “Prophetic Oration of Self”… why not! I loved “Abnormal Paralysis” from the split EP and it was just a must to get more of Ghoulgotha stuff.
And it surely was no mistake to get “Prophetic Oration of Self”. This EP delivered what I expected and even if I can’t say that I like everything about it, it doesn’t change the fact that it is a nice stuff. So, side A contains the title song… and it is a massive, heavy, slow doom / death metal fucker. There are some great parts there, but also some, which I have small doubts… I mean, Ghoulgotha sometimes tries maybe to sound like more progressive doom metal band, they have some unusual ideas, which maybe is unnecessary sometimes, as they sound too fuckin weird for my taste… But I can live with all that and even if this song is far from being perfect, it is still able to create this heavy, claustrophobic, sick atmosphere, which good doom / death metal bands must do. Then side B has “Disintegration Paradox”, which is almost three minutes shorter song than the one from side A and maybe this is also why I like it more, as Ghoulgotha doesn’t fuck with some weird shit so much in it, it’s more straight forward, with some faster parts, but also with that utter slow and massacring slow riffing… very good, indeed. Sounds like Anatomia on this one and I like it that way. And mind that raw sound of this EP!
So, “Prophetic Oration of Self” is not a perfect EP. I think the side A song is mediocre, but “Disintegration Paradox” from side B is way better. And then I also know that the song from Into Darkness split is awesome, so Ghoulgotha is a good band in the end... and I wait now for their first full length album now!

Final rate: 65/100

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