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Dead Congregation - Purifying Consecrated Ground

DEAD CONGREGATION - Purifying Consecrated Ground (NECROCOSM - 10"MLP 2006)
Some years ago, when Dead Congregation released this EP, I was glad that Anastasis sent me a promo pack with his amazing music. I was really impressed, I even did a lengthy interview about his band, which was featured in fifth issue of Panzerfaust zine. I cannot believe that it’s been now eleven years since all that happened and “Purifying Consecrated Ground” was unleashed. But I can feel sort of satisfaction that I was among those, who really appreciated this amazing band first. I’m also totally happy that I bought the 10” vinyl version of “Purifying Consecrated Ground”, when it was released, because these days this stuff is not so easy to find. I mean, this EP was also released on 12” vinyl by Nuclear War Now!, I think there were like two or three versions of this 12”. But I still have the first press on 10” that was released by Necrocosm (limited to 666 copies!), which is more special I think.
And man, years go by, but “Purifying Consecrated Ground” still sounds so fuckin killer and it really blows away 99% of death metal that was released in the 2000’s. This EP has slightly rawer sound than the full length albums, but it didn’t grow old bad or whatever and the massive heaviness of this music crushes unbelievably and gives a lot of pleasure when I listen to it. Obviously Dead Congregation is a bit like Incantation, when speaking of their style of death metal. These two bands seem to have a lot in common. Another names that will pop up in your head can be Drawn and Quartered, Immolation, Morpheus Descends, Funebrarum, and many more classics. It’s natural that these bands have a lot of similarities. At the same time though “Purifying Consecrated Ground” has something original to offer. It’s the way Dead Congregation forms song structures, with good focus on instrumental parts and riffs, where you don’t even need to hear vocals, but stay focused on the crushing music and its hypnotizing atmosphere. It sounds really spectacular, in my opinion. I like when it is fast and blasts with relentless force, erupting with lethal energy. But I like even more, when their music slows down and becomes sooo heavyyy!!! Like it’s in “Lucid Curse” and “Auguring an Eternal War” – two my favourite songs from this EP. I simply love that type of death metal with its dark, sinister vibe. “Purifying Consecrated Ground” follows the ancient ways of this music, but certainly is not a simple copycat and more so, it is almost fascinating not just how well written these songs are, but how easily listenable this stuff is. It hits you right away and next thing you know is that you’re lying on a floor totally dismembered! Fuckin good stuff, I love it.
Standout tracks: “Lucid Curse”, “Auguring an Eternal War”

Final rate: 90/100

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