Thursday, 5 May 2016

Deiquisitor - Deiquisitor

DEIQUISITOR - Deiquisitor (ANCIENT DARKNESS Productions CD 2016)
This is one of those albums that I’ve been really looking forward to hear. Ever since I heard Deiquisitor’s fantastic “Hexagon Vortex” EP for the first time and felt how strongly is their massive sound crushing every bone in my body, I knew that this is a band that I need to keep my eyes open at as they’re able to come up with something exceptional. Finally the beast was unleashed in the start of 2016 and some weeks later it arrived to my quarters with one mission: to fuckin destroy again! And yes, it does that easily.
Man, what a great band Deiquisitor is. I am fully aware that they probably will never become popular or trendy act, but I can assure you that their music should please many death metal maniacs. It’s obvious also that they don’t perform death metal that you have not heard before. More so, it seems like this sort of obscure and ghoulish death metal sound has been adopted by quite few better or worse acts these days. But none of that makes “Deiquisitor” a less intriguing and captivating album. It’s actually the opposite!
I just love that massive, utterly heavy and sepulchral, obscure sound of Deiquisitor. This is death metal that could easily crush every bone in your flesh and shred it into a pile of filthy carcass. It’s just insanely heavy, totally beastly and vicious. And brutal! At the same time the atmosphere is very dark, dismal and malicious. It can obviously remind you Immolation and Incantation strongly, and such comparison would do no harm to Deiquisitor. But you know, I feel like Deiquisitor is much more than that. Their music is for example much more fast and ravaging, they rather avoid the harmonious part of Immolation (although it does appear rarely like in “Black Matter Vortex”) and hardly ever step into the doomy part of Incantation. And that intensity, which Deiquisitor managed to find is something I like the most. When combined with some killer riffs, totally eerie atmosphere that surrounds every sound here and with superb heavy production, the result can only be fantastic. Some may moan about the similarity between all songs, and I guess that I can even agree that the band may have not had enough ideas to cover all twelve songs they offer here, so at times it gets a bit repetitive. But for me that’s a minor fault and with the sheer intensity and brutality “Deiquisitor” feels super awesome. This album contains all songs from the previous CD plus a bunch of new stuff. With a bit over 30 minutes of music, it’s enough for me to feel fully satisfied.
In the end, let me say one more thing. Deiquisitor members are also strongly involved in Danish black metal scene, with acts like Sadomator, Luciation, Blodfest, Wolfslair, Ogdru Jahad and so on. And it’s OK, I like some of them. But I have to say that none of these black metal bands (at least what I’ve heard so far) sounds even half as killer as Deiquisitor. This band crushed everything else they’ve been ever involved haha!
Standout tracks: “Black Matter Vortex”, “Celestial Rituals”, “Through Ethereal Deeps”

Final rate: 80/100

Adversus - Principium Ascensionis

ADVERSUS - Principium Ascensionis (SCHATTENKULT CD 2015)
Another release from Schattenkult is Adversus, Belgian black metal band with their debut recording “Principium Ascensionis”. I honestly won’t be able to say much about Adversus and both gentlemen, who’re hiding behind names Frater G. and Frater E. Metal Archives says something about two or three other bands that they’re involved in, but I haven’t heard about any of them. Never heard of Adversus before also, so let’s just skip the introducing part, as you won’t be able to learn much from me.
Anyway, I’ve been trying to focus as much as I can on “Principium Ascensionis” and I did my best to get into this music… but I just couldn’t. As much as I worship traditional sounding harsh black metal (my recent review of Shadows Ground from the same label says a lot, I guess), in this case I just don’t feel convinced and to be honest, this is one of those albums that I feel totally careless about. I can understand that both members of Adversus tried to come up with some of the most chaotic, hateful and exceptionally “unfriendly” or unlistenable black metal, but it just doesn’t work for me. There’s almost nothing on this CD that I would really like; two or three riffs surely is not enough for me. Sometimes it just sounds like poor try to play instruments, but the primitive results are rather pitiful.
I know, I know… black metal has to be ugly and disgusting (oh, does it really???). I don’t care about such orthodox opinion, especially as black metal can have many faces. It can be atmospheric, it can be harsh. It can even sound mesmerizing. But on top of all, it’s either shit or exceptional. In this case, sorry to say so, but it’s pitiful and bad. These couple of moments, when I liked it a bit more are not enough and the whole “Principium Ascensionis” is as forgettable as it can only be. I doubt that people need more bands like Adversus, I don’t... so I'm not going to spend more time on listening to this album than I already did.

Final rate: 30/100

Petrychor - Apocalyptic Witchcraft / Makrokosmos

PETRYCHOR - Apocalyptic Witchcraft / Makrokosmos (WOLFSPELL Records CD 2016)
Atmospheric black metal is doing great these days. We have labels like Vordvis, Eisenwald, Wolfspell and more that find some new and interesting projects from that sort of music. It just became impossible to be able to get everything that would seem interesting, so many fine releases are out there nowadays. But we can only try. And in this review I wanna recommend you a completely unknown project from USA that may interest you also, if you’re fan of atmospheric black metal. This project is called Petrychor and to be honest, first time I’ve heard of it was when I got the CD called “Apocalyptic Witchcraft / Makrokosmos”. I still don’t know much about its history, I don’t know nothing about the guy, who stands behind this project. Digipak is rather poor with information, although it does unveil a bit of details about the concept for these two recordings (concept, which is strongly bond with nature, earth and cosmos). And yes, two recordings, because this release is like a compilation with two separate releases of Petrychor (“Apocalyptic Witchcraft” from 2015 and “Makrokosmos” from 2014).
“Apocalyptic Witchcraft” is just one, but 25 minutes long song. And I have to say I love it and when compared to “Makrokosmos”, I can definitely say that on this EP everything sounds just better. The music is so well performed and composed, very intelligent and captivating, with a great diversity and combination of folky, acoustic stuff with atmospheric black metal. This song can go into two completely opposite directions – from melancholic, sorrowful stuff, with beautiful acoustic passages to fast, harsh black metal, progressive at times and always very atmospheric and dark. It’s balanced properly, never becoming boring or over length, which is always a risk, if you decide to compose a 25 minutes long song. Petrychor did very well here, each part of this song brings another great motif and the whole piece is quite easily listenable. I also like how it’s been arranged, how Petrychor composer uses keyboards, guitar melodies, acoustic and everything else. Sometimes it has even that post (black) metal feeling, which is cool also, reminding me for example Panopticon’s recent album.
Will I surprise you if I say that I like the quiet and less aggressive moments the most? Especially, when towards the end the music becomes hypnotizing with the post metal feeling and then it’s followed with beautiful acoustic piece. Damn, it sounds mesmerizing. The production is also quite nice, it’s clean and good for this sort of music. I have no idea if there’re programmed drums, but they do sound very well as well. So, you can see that I’m very positive towards “Apocalyptic Witchcraft” and this song surely deserves attention.
And as for “Makrokosmos”, well I have to say that this album – with four songs – is not quite as good as the recent EP. Still good but I enjoyed the newer EP more. First what I can say about ”Makrokosmos” is that the production is much harsher and it could have been a bit better. Secondly, the musical style is different and I like the style from “Apocalyptic Witchcraft” more. Don’t get me wrong. There are also some stunning and captivating fragments, here and there you can really feel tell that this dude behind Petrychor is very talented. Listen to “Ceaseless White” and how for example he incorporates violin into fast and raw sounding black metal! That’s not just exceptional, but it sounds fantastic. Weird, yes, but damn good also. ”Planets Born of Human Ashes” is another worth mentioning piece here, very long song, filled with dissonant and post metallish playing. With songs like this you can tell that “Apocalyptic Witchcraft” was much more black metal focused, while “Makrokosmos” is different, more post metal / ambient stuff (“Cosmic Irrelevance Does Not Suggest Terrestrial Insignificance”). Generally the second part of this CD is more difficult to get into, but personally once I managed to do so, I just liked it as well.
So, what else can I say? Nothing more is needed, I guess. Petrychor is very interesting, in my opinion. “Apocalyptic Witchcraft” is fantastic atmospheric black metal, “Makrokosmos” is great post (black) metal / ambient stuff. I am quite surprised with this CD, as it’s not necessarily the usual Wolfspell Records type of release, but I am not gonna moan that this label decided to release something different, if it’s that bloody good. Recommended again, digipack is limited to 500 copies only.
Standout tracks: “Apocalyptic Witchcraft”, ”Planets Born of Human Ashes”

Final rate: 70/100

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Infected Virulence - Music of Melkor

Isn’t that a weird title for death metal album? “Music of Melkor”. Hmm, obviously those, who have read Tolkien’s “Silmarillion” will know, who Melkor was. And those who didn’t, well let me just say that Melkor is the same evil being that later became known as… Morgoth! So, this album could have been titled “Music of Morgoth”, but that would be silly haha! It’s even more surprising to read that the lyrics are also dealing with the “Silmarillion” concept – was it the first death metal band to have this kind of Tolkien influence in their lyrics, as far as I can remember???
Anyway, “Music of Melkor” was originally released in 1994 in huge quantity of… 300 copies!!! What makes it a damn rare artefact these days and almost impossible to find (although I know someone, who has three copies of it. Insane dude, you know who you are haha!). And as always, it would be just a damn shame to let such an album rot in forgotten tomb, so I welcome an idea for reissuing it with open arms. Such great albums need to be saved from oblivion. Raw Skull Rekordz with Ancient Darkness took care of reissuing “Music of Melkor”, so now you can grab yourself a copy of this legendary German death metal piece quite easily and you won’t end up paying quarter of your monthly wages. And even if I wish the booklet was better – with more pages, archival photographs and maybe some liner notes – nothing will spoil the joy of listening to this killer album.
But let me first say one thing, which I think works against “Music of Melkor”. Obviously it’s only my opinion, but I think that Infected Virulence’s self titled 1992 demo was better than this album! I love all songs from the demo, the dark, brutal feeling they have, all riffs and vocals and just perfect demo production. For me “Infected Virulence” is close to excellence. When speaking of “Music of Melkor”, I can say that the production is maybe not quite as good as demo’s, even though it’s still allright. All songs are good and solid, but maybe without that spark which would set everything in fire. You can notice that Infected Virulence has changed their style slightly, especially with songs like the title track, which I can even say that I don’t like so much, because this song has that groovy feeling, which I’ve never been a big fan of. So, not everything on “Music of Melkor” works well, this album is surely not as killer as the demo, but it’s still damn good piece of death metal, with some fine songs.
“Music of Melkor” is classic death metal record, filled with some excellent riffs, all played in mid paced or slow tempo, with almost no fast parts (they appear sporadically maybe in couple of songs only). But Infected Virulence kept their music all brutal and sick all the time through the album, only sometimes letting themselves to include a small melodic piece like it happens in “Tol Eressea”. Some of these riffs have a strong Bolt Thrower infection (even the vocals sound like early Karl Willets haha), especially in such tracks as “Earendil” or “Doom of the Atani”. Some other time I feel like they sound a bit like the most death metal version of Napalm Death and you know, can we even complain on that?! Nope!
Generally it’s an album that stayed unknown and forgotten for too many years. I realize it was originally released in not the best time, when all the death metal masterpieces were already released and the need for another death metal band was not so high. Bands like Morgoth started to change – progress as they called it… Infected Virulence released this album and then also decided to take this unnecessary step for progression… and quickly died, with not much success. But good thing is that many of these unknown bands nowadays sound better than ever before and their old demos or albums get more recognition today than twenty years ago. I hope the same will happen with Infected Virulence and “Music of Melkor”. It’s very good album, so get the CD. Try also to find their demo CD, as it’s even better… and well, let’s just hope no one will give them a bad idea to reform haha!
Standout tracks: “Doom of the Atani”, “Nirnaeth Arnodiad”, “Earendil”, “The North Aflame”

Final rate: 80/100

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Infected Virulence - Infected Virulence

INFECTED VIRULENCE - Infected Virulence (Demo 1992/CD 2015)
Time for a real relic from the ancient death metal past. And band, which I don’t think is known to that many people. Personally I was also introduced to Infected Virulence not a long ago by a good friend of mine. He said it’s one of the best old German bands and that they surely deserve more attention. But sadly Infected Virulence split up way too early. Well, this isn’t surprise for me, because many death metal bands ended in the mid 90’s, when this music stopped being popular. But who cares… Here’s a fantastic CD that was released recently and which contains some of the early Infected Virulence songs. This is their “Infected Virulence” demo in entirety, originally released in 1992. In may 2015 an unknown label OSDM re-released it on CD format, limited to just 150 copies. And I have one of them, what makes me very happy man now. Because this music is absolutely fantastic and it’s better than many more known bands with their full length albums!
I love every song on this demo, seriously. Infected Virulence brings fierce slaughter, tearing apart and crushing with some of the best and most classic sounding death metal riffs you can imagine. Obviously their style was pretty common for the old days’ death scene, but damn, this demo grew old fantastically and nowadays can be seen as a real jewel and finest artifact of obscure death metal from the early 90’s. Oh yeah, this demo sounds so good! Stylistically you can put it somewhere between early Morgoth, Agoraphobia and Fleshcrawl debut CD, along with some similarities to Bolt Thrower (just listen to “From Beyond the Dead”), Asphyx and even some Swedish acts (like more brutallized Unleashed!). Well, for me this is a perfect combination of death metal styles haha and I bet that these sounds should be a wet dreams for all death maniacs. As I mentioned, all songs here are super awesome, I must also say that not only the performance of every member and songwriting are fantastic, but I also love the production of this demo. I can even admit that I love this demo more than the debut album of Infected Virulence (“Music for Melkor”).
Summing it all up, in my opinion this is one of the best death metal demos I’ve ever heard. “Infected Virulence” sounds just spotless and 100% perfect for my taste of this music and damn, I can listen to it all the time. Obviously Germany had many killer bands back in the old days – Torchure, Fleshcrawl, Obscenity, Mangled Torsos, Agoraphobia, Morgoth, Dawn… but it seems like none of them was so underrated as Infected Virulence. It’s about time then to remind you about them!
Standout tracks: ALL, but “Infected Virulence” is especially infectious

Final rate: 95/100

Pyromancer - Demo MMXV

This is Pyromancer, an American beast that features Master of Graveyard Torment on drums and Conqueror Horus on guitars, both also performing vocal duties. And both are also members of some other bands, but I honestly don’t know any of them. Pyromancer is reasonably fresh thing. This is their first recording, simply called “Demo MMXV”, originally released on cassette and now Godz ov War Productions has unleashed this filth on CD format. By the first look, I have to say that I love the whole layout. Fantastic logo, great visual side of this release…
And music… well, this is some seriously violent, vulgar and obscure black / death metal. Or war metal or bestial metal… whatever you call it. With just five songs and less that quarter of an hour, Pyromancer delivers just extreme, harsh sounding, barbaric stuff, something that maniacs of bands like Revenge, Archgoat or Diocletian will surely love. The whole aura around these sounds is incredibly dark and hateful, and the chaotic, almost primitive style of Pyromancer music conjures this feeling perfectly. Their riffs are sometimes almost archaic, luckily though Pyromancer had enough guts to come up with some great songs and achieved a harsh, but energetic production, so when played loud, “Demo MMXV” makes quite a nice impression. I like also the dual vocal performance, where growls are mixed with pissed off screams. And I like the whole straight forward, no bullshit attitude of this music.
Yeah, Pyromancer is definitely not breaking the wheels and is not coming up with anything groundbreaking or immortal… but damn, it felt like some intense punches in the face when I played their music. Good stuff for the bestial black metal maniacs.
Standout track: “Inferno”

Final rate: 70/100

Monday, 25 April 2016

Shadows Ground - Mysteria Mystica Calvus Mons

SHADOWS GROUND - Mysteria Mystica Calvus Mons (SCHATTENKULT Produktionen CD 2016)
I’ve never been a big fan of Ukrainian black metal. I do like Nokturnal Mortum a bit, also Mistigo Varggoth Darkestra and obviously Drudkh, but that’s all what’s good there and that I can think of. But here’s band from Donetsk, which I recently liked a lot. Sadly “Mysteria Mystica Calvus Mons” is the first release of them, which I had a chance to hear (and they have three more albums and some demos released before as well). The band is called Shadows Ground. Formed back in 1998, they must be among the longest running and most productive black metal acts from Ukraine. Which is not important for me, really, because it not always means that the music is good. But in this case, it is.
Originally released as tape in 2013, and now released on CD by Schattenkult Produktionen, “Mysteria Mystica Calvus Mons” is in my opinion just perfect offer for the maniacs of traditional sounding black metal. This album has everything that I like about this genre in its purest form and I’m really glad to hear album like that. Why? Well, it’s because these days most of black metal we get is infected with some trendy influences. Which is nothing wrong, as I like a lot of it, but… well, it just feels great to hear pure black metal record with no hype, no trends or other bullshit. Shadows Ground keeps it all obscure and traditional and probably don’t care if it will help them to gain recognition or not. I also don’t care if people know them or not, and as long as this band keeps on bringing such great music as “Mysteria Mystica Calvus Mons”, then it’s all fine with me!
So, we have traditional black metal here. It does have strong influence from classics like Darkthrone, Mayhem… as well as newer bands such as Armagedda (“Unholy Rituals”, first song off the album, reminds me Armagedda a lot), Pest or Craft. It’s got everything I like about this sort of black metal. There are great riffs, fantastic cold, grim and hateful aura, quite good production, which fits perfectly to this sort of music… and very good compositions and arrangements, which you just cannot call primitive or worthless shit. This music is simple, but not in bad meaning of this word. And the performance is very good; drums, guitars, bass, fantastic vocals of Waam (which combine harsh vocals with that eerie howling, which can remind you Attila’s voice like in “I Am Hatred”). The music is mostly fast, but it’s never monotonous. And it sounds equally awesome if it’s slow as when it is fast. I have to admit that I got infected with Shadows Ground music right from the very first time I played this CD and enjoyed it fully. It’s definitely among the best – if not the best – albums from that part of Europe that I’ve ever heard. It’s just very good and I recommend it with all my honesty.
Standout tracks: “Unholy Rituals”, “I Am Hatred”

Final rate: 80/100

Kratherion - Mantra Lucifer Flagelantes

KRATHERION - Mantra Lucifer Flagelantes (OLD TEMPLE CD 2015)
Among all the releases from Old Temple, which I collected recently, this one is surely among my favourites. Damn, what a killer album, what a great surprise to hear such a devastating bestial death / black metal from Kratherion, who I only knew by name before playing this CD. I had read some interviews or reviews about this Chilean commando, but somehow never had a chance to hear their music, until “Mantra Lucifer Flagelantes” blew my speakers off. But quickly this shit excited me like crazy and now I can add another superb band to the list of Chilean unholy forces that are worth of your support. Well, this country is no bullshit, when speaking of extreme metal music.
What you get on “Mantra Lucifer Flagelantes” are 40 minutes of fuckin bestial devastation, of absolutely fierce, violent and morbid black / death metal. Some may call it war metal, some others will name it bestial metal… whatever, dude! It’s just damn awesome music. What I like about “Mantra Lucifer Flagelantes” is that Kratherion has the savagery and viciousness of the so called war metal, with all the typical stuff which the bands from this genre usually have. But they present it in more interesting form. Their music is not one dimensional, boring crap of primitiveness and mindlessness. It’s not pointless cacophony with utterly shitty sound. No. The production of “Mantra Lucifer Flagelantes” is simply good and solid. It is heavy, powerful sound, so it’s not just a wall of unbearable noise. And the songs are not just fast and fast again. They are more diverse, with some splendid slow parts and of course the blasting stuff is there as well. In some way, the whole stuff reminds me Embrace of Thorns, Impiety or Bestial Raids, with Spanish lyrics that give something extra to the whole sound, probably resembling such Morbosidad or Colombian Masacre.
I like the slow parts the most, because they sound so fuckin’ heavy, so crushing. Just give a listen to such “Death Kult Church Omega”, “Mantra Lucifer Flagelantes”  or “Agonia Dantesca y Macabra” and you’ll know why I like it so much. But of course their faster songs are also damn sweet. I like how relentless, how intense and fuckin violent and powerful Kratherion music sounds here and how they evoke this morbid, obscure atmosphere in it. Obviously this is not super technical music; the riffs or arrangements can be sometimes simple, but not primitive for sure. And definitely Kratherion has enough ideas to please all the maniacs of the most extreme of metal styles. So I can easily recommend this album to all extreme metal maniacs. It’s definitely a worthy piece of death kult and well, I can only start looking for some more Kratherion shit. It needs to be collected!
Standout tracks: “Death Kult Church Omega”, “Agonia Dantesca y Macabra”, “Mantra Lucifer Flagelantes”

Final rate: 75/100

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Hermodr - The Darkness of December

HERMODR - The Darkness of December (WOLFSPELL - CD 2016)
“The Darkness of December” is another album from Hermóðr, which I was playing intensively through the past few days. And I sincerely don’t know what else can I write about the music of Rafn, what I have not written already. This project is consequently walking its own path of depressive and sorrowful black metal and it looks like nothing will make it choose something different. And that’s good, because why change something if it works so damn well? I can call myself a fan of Hermóðr, some of the albums that I had a chance to hear were just stunning, “Då skogen var ung” being my absolute favourite, along such “What Once Was Beautiful” or split with Kalmankantaja. “The Darkness of December” is another great opus of the Hermóðr that I can recommend strongly, even though I can expect that some of you may have problems with Rafn’s music and its tendency to sound monotonous. It feels almost tiresome and over extensive when you realize that the whole albums is seventy minutes long and it’s seventy minutes of almost one dimensional, constantly slow and utterly melancholic music. My advice then, before you sit and play “The Darkness of December”, is to make sure you’re in a right mood for it. Otherwise it just won’t work for you and you’ll think of it as something way too boring. But if the mood is right, if the surrounding is properly set, then I am sure that music of Hermóðr will devour you with its dark, depressive aura, hypnotizing rhythm and so many enchanting melodies. Quite often it all sounds like clash of the opposites, when you hear raw sounding, minimalistic guitar parts with harsh, screaming vocals along the parts of keyboards that are present basically the whole time, and which sound like they were bringing light and harmony to the world of darkness and chaos.
So, it’s not an easy album, to be honest, even if the music may seem so. But it’s not easy to listen the whole “The Darkness of December” in one take, just as it’s not so obvious if any of the albums parts will really stay with you, when they all feel very similar. My personal impression is that maybe it’s the first time when I started to think that it’s a bit too much, a bit too long album… but on the other hand I like the music of Hermóðr so much that it’s not a major problem for me. This is why I’m not making a big deal with its supposed lack of variety of whatever. I won’t be surprised if you feel so, but as said before, you need to be in proper mood for this album.

Final rate: 70/100

Goholor - In Saeculis Obscuris

GOHOLOR - In Saeculis Obscuris (Schattenkult Produktionen CD 2016)
This week I was introduced to Schattenkult Produktionen, a German label, which has been around for few years and managed to unleash about seventy titles so far. Sadly I didn’t know any of them, but I was lucky to get some of their recent releases… and Goholor is the first CD, which I played from this small stack. This band is from Slovakia and “In Saeculis Obscuris” is their debut MCD, so it’s new band with two members, who also play in Dimonsium Chaotic.
And well, without any expectations or any guess as what this music can be like, now I know that this MCD is a good and solid start for Goholor. I certainly like their music, as it has a great aggressive style of death and black metal, glued a bit in the vein of such Belphegor, with a small dose of more brutal sounding Behemoth. It’s played with good balance between fast and mid paced tempos, with great furious, sharp riffs, evil atmosphere and with growling and harsh screaming vocals. As for technical aspect of Goholor music, I cannot say anything bad about it. Nice production, good performance from all band members, solid compositions… When listening to “In Saeculis Obscuris”, you can almost regret that it all ends so quickly, because four songs and 15 minutes of music showed some great potential that Goholor certainly has. Each song is very solid and interesting, “Obscurus Sacramentum” probably being my favourite piece here…
...and well, I don’t think anything more is need to be said here. If you enjoy aggressive, dark sounding death / black metal, but with relatively good production, not one which sounds like recorded in the fuckin bunker, then this should be a good offer for you. Check it out, also because it’s quite rare to hear as good band from Slovakia.
Standout track: “Obscurus Sacramentum”

Final rate: 75/100

Bestiality - Stuck in Bestial Vision

BESTIALITY - Stuck in Bestial Vision (OLD TEMPLE - CD 2014)
This band came out of nowhere, but turned out to be a big surprise and one of the best newcoming Polish bands I heard recently. Although “Stuck in Bestial Vision” is their second release – “Way of the Cross” being a proper debut, released in small CD quantity in 2014 – only now most of us have heard of Bestiality. And surely I can strongly recommend this band and this CD to all freaks of fuckin morbid thrashing black metal, as this is just killer stuff.
I am really positively surprised with everything what I can hear on “Stuck in Bestial Vision”. All these songs are great; very aggressive, vicious, evil and obscure. Bestiality comes with some fantastic riffs and their music is almost easily listenable, almost catchy thrash / death that can remind you bands like Nifelheim, Destroyer666, Hin Hale, Pest (Swedish, from their last two albums), Necrocurse, Slaughter Messiah and so on. Some of these songs may be almost silly with their simplicity and infantile choruses – like “Raped by the Devil” – but I still like them a lot, because they sound like good company for drunk metalheads, who want to scream some blasphemous lyrics and bang skulls maniacally to their favourite music haha! And seriously, I cannot think of anything that I can point out what has been done bad or what would annoy me. Of course Bestiality doesn’t come with anything spectacular, but their music sounds just super awesome, with songs like “Way of the Cross” (oh, I love how fast it is!!!) or “Ritual Genocide”. I like also the production a lot, because it’s damn energetic and fits this sort of music perfectly… and also the voice of Alberth Dust is super cool.
So, let me repeat again; Bestiality’s “Stuck in Bestial Vision” is awesome surprise and surely one of the better releases from this sort of music, in my opinion. I can hear passion and enthusiasm for the morbid metal from those guys, their music is soaked with aggression and evilness… and damn, I guess this is a band that will come up with some exceptional stuff in near the future.
Standout tracks: “Way of the Cross”, “Crucified”, “Ode to the Dead / Tales from the Crypt”

Final rate: 80/100

Friday, 15 April 2016

Parh - Journey Through Wasteland

PARH - Journey Through Wasteland (Self released demo CD 2016)
No idea if any of you remembers my review of “Nihil”, debut demo of Polish band called Parh. Well, it’s been a while since I reviewed it and sadly I didn’t notice much noise around Parh, but personally I liked this release a lot, so I am happy to see them coming back with their second demo, “Journey Through Wasteland”, which is just as good as the first one! And I hope that more people will start to recognize them, because this is just good shit. Maybe it’s not shit for everyone, but for fuck sake, I bet that there are many followers of the Autopsy / Abscess cult, right? And these two bands are a sure comparison for me, when describing Parh music. It’s maybe not quite pure obscure doomy death metal – although it surely has (Swedish) death metal influences as well – and it’s just more sludgy and crusty, filthy stuff, but the influence and similarity (like for example the horrible (haha!) vomits of Szkielo, reminding Chris Reifert) are noticeable from the first second.
And well, there are just four songs on this demo, but I like them a lot. I don’t know why “Journey Through Wasteland” is so easily listenable and catchy, while being so nasty and disgusting haha?!!! Anyway, Parh is great. When “Hebephrenic Psychosis” starts, I always have a strong feeling like it’s something from very old Entombed or Dismember demos, because this song is soaked with Swedish death metal. Then “Jerusalem Syndrome” is more like the two A’s bands I mentioned above, with killer sludgy main riff and great terrifying atmosphere. And following two songs are also in this vein. I have to say that the whole performance and composition on “Journey Through Wasteland” is very good. Obviously you shouldn’t expect it to be very technical and ultra polished, as it’s just not that sort of stuff. But damn, each time I play Parh, it’s just great fun and kick in the ass for me. Sure, it’s nothing revolutionary or outstanding, but just damn good, in my opinion.
Standout tracks: “Hebephrenic Psychosis”, “Kvlt of Fear”

Final rate: 80/100

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Hermóðr - Då skogen var ung

Hermóðr - Då skogen var ung (WOLFSPELL Records CD 2016)
Here’s Hermóðr again, ladies and gentlemen! This time Wolfspell released an album called “Då skogen var ung”, which is sort of compilation with some unreleased 2015 songs plus stuff that was released as so called digital singles (what??) previously, called “Himlen morknar” and “The Scent of Autumn”. And they’re both from 2015 also, so you may remember that Rafn is restless soul, who does nothing else, but play, compose and record music haha. Anyway, this is always fantastic feeling to hear more stuff from Hermóðr and I can say that “Då skogen var ung” is simply amazing release. Even the fact that this album is very long, with some tracks that are 15 minutes long (and “The Scent of Autumn” is 20 minutes long), does not bother me. Because the whole feeling and atmosphere of “Då skogen var ung” is captivating and impossible to resist.
I think that describing each new Hermóðr release becomes quite boring, because I repeat myself each time I review this project haha. Rafn doesn’t change his writing style and obviously Hermóðr will always be a great example for nostalgic, melancholic and sorrowful doomy black metal. This is slow, maybe slightly monotonous stuff, but its atmospheres devours you completely, especially if it comes along with some great melodies or riffs and with just catchy, easily listenable compositions. Obviously with such long songs, the feeling is close to when listening to instrumental music, because the vocals are quite sporadic and you won’t even feel like they has to be there. And that’s because the music speaks of itself and alone paints the pictures of desolate, cold but beautiful nature perfectly. It’s almost charming and beautiful, with these sorrowful melodies and leads, even though the harsh and eerie black metal similar to such Burzum is there as well.
For me personally, it’s perfectly balanced and performed music. I don’t even mind the length of the whole CD and the fact that after a while you have no idea if it’s the same song or next one. It’s one of the very few examples when monotony is not working against the music, but becomes something that will hypnotize you. More so, I can easily say that these are some of the best songs I heard from Hermóðr so far. I definitely like them more than the (still solid) tracks that appeared on splits with Kalmankantaja and Is. Rafn’s music is surely getting better and better, somehow he manages to keep the high quality with each next release and still has enough ideas for it, despite such high recording frequency. And that’s good. This year we also got his newest full length “The Darkness of December”, which I will review soon and I’m sure it’s gonna be another great release of Hermóðr.

Final rate: 80/100

Grey Heaven Falls - Black Wisdom

GREY HEAVEN FALLS - Black Wisdom (Aesthetics of Devastation CD 2015)
Another Russian band has been introduced to me and damn, Grey Heaven Falls is a super sensation in my opinion. Although “Black Wisdom” is their second album, they’re completely anonymous to me, I have not heard of them ever before nor any of the stuff they released prior to this new opus. But damn, I am so fuckin’ happy that Aesthetics of Devastation sent a copy to me, I could now enjoy one of the best black metal releases I heard in long time. And I say so with all responsibility and honest words. Because this is just excellent stuff.
Grey Heaven Falls combines black and death metal, even adds some spontaneous traces of calmer, more atmospheric, almost doomy fragments, all glued in exceptional and hugely inspiring and intriguing form. There’s a lot of interesting stuff going on in each song from “Black Wisdom”, and my feelings towards the whole music are similar to what I felt, when I played amazing debut album from Maïeutiste. Both bands actually have quite much in common, surely both try to come up with more sophisticated kind of black metal and both are just damn awesome in my opinion. I just love the way Grey Heaven Falls arrange their music, coming up with some of the most diverse stuff, which still sounds solid and not freaking weird. The reason is that they kept the fundamental, traditional ingredients of black metal, with its cold, eerie and sinister aura, but they’re not afraid to have some more progressive influences – which are incorporated with use of guitars and drums only, no keyboards or other additional instruments was needed here. Maybe this is also why they seem to have kind of post black metal feel here and there, especially in long instrumental passages, when the music calms down and have this hypnotizing feeling of the post metal genre. But the aggression and viciousness are still there, their songs are long, so they can take you from fast, ferocious black metal to melodic, slow piece, or at one point even to long dark ambient piece (“Sanctuary of Cut Tongues”), which kind of divides the album into two parts. No matter what Grey Heaven Falls do, it always work fantastically well. And they did have to try to do their best, if the length of some songs reaches almost twelve minutes.
Such “Spirit of Oppression” is among the finest examples of how impressive the music of this band can be, with superb quality of composition and with both intensity of some blasting parts and hypnotizing beauty of the other. It’s very dynamic, never crossing the line of boredom and also never becoming irritating, so the pleasure of listening to “Black Wisdom” is full. And you know what? I could probably describe each song separately here, writing about how they develop, how the tension is built or whatever, but I guess this would be just waste of time. You must hear this and decide if you like it or not.
I am fully impressed. “Black Wisdom” is top quality stuff and I can speak of this album only in positive manner. The performance, compositions, arrangements, finally the production – all are excellent. And the lyrics also! I think there are Russian and English versions of the album, which is good, as with English translations we can read some damn good lyrics here. Get one for yourself then, do not hesitate.
Standout tracks: “Spirit of Oppression”, “That Nail in a Heart”

Final rate: 85/100

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Skogsande / Darkeater split CD

SKOGSANDE / DARKEATER Split CD (Wolfspell Records CD 2016)
Not a long ago I had a pleasure to hear “Иней чёрного рассвета”, very good debut album from Russian black metal band Darkeater. Now they’re back coming with their new recording, which Wolfspell Records released as a split CD with Skogsande.
And about Skogsande I will write first. I had to dig a little, to find some information on this project, as it turns out Skogsande is not metal enough to be on Metal Archives haha. What I found out is that it’s another project of Nokken, who is also responsible for Is (which I already know from the split CD with Hermóðr). And Is was very good. Skogsande is OK, but honestly I don’t like it as much as Is. On this CD you’ll find three tracks (all are titled “Vintervindarnas tillhall”, but I don’t know why Nokken uses Swedish, instead of his native language), which can be described as ambient black metal. The dark ambient side is typical – melancholic, sorrowful passages of keyboards that some of you probably don’t tolerate and consider boring, and some others like a lot. I’m somewhere in between, sometimes I like to play such sort of music, but Skogsande’s ambient is just nothing special. It’s very much like Vinterriket for instance, it’s good in small doses, but in more extensive presentation I can die because of the boredom. Skogsande mixes that dark ambient with black metal. And black metal is usually very fast, furious, hateful… What I don’t like about this part of Skogsande music is the lack of ideas and general one dimensional, monotonous playing that doesn’t impress. And more so, it’s also the production, because the keyboards are definitely way too loud and they just sound out of place with the wall of buzzy guitars, unreadable riffs, furious screams and blasting drums. Don’t get me wrong, Skogsande isn’t bad, but surely not something I would be delighted with.
And now Darkeater. Their “Иней чёрного рассвета” CD was awesome, very good black metal album. Here they present their new EP “Янтарный погост”, which is another fine release from Darkeater. First there’s another ambient track that creates the cold, melancholic atmosphere for six minutes before the title song appears. This is raw sounding black metal with that characteristic cold, sorrowful and eerie aura. The pace is much slower than in Skogsande, but the production is better, so are the ideas, arrangements and diversity of this song. I really like it and again am quite impressed with the works of these two guys behind Darkeater.
Summing it all up then, I have to say that if I was going to describe the roster of Wolfspell Records, in what sort of music this label specializes in, then it would be with bands like Skogsande and  Darkeater. This sort of dark, melancholic and gloomy black / ambient metal appears on this label most often. Of course some releases are better (Hermóðr stuff, previous Darkeater CD), some worse (Dun, Paths). This particular split CD is not bad also, but not my favourite one. I’m glad though to have a copy and surely will come back to it sooner or later.

Final rate: 65/100

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Galvanizer interview

GALVANIZER interview

Well, it’s good to find new band, which sounds so fuckin nice! I have to say I was surprised that Galvanizer members are all so young, as it’s not something common to see youngsters not just interested in more underground, filthy and obscure music, but also able to perform it so impressively. I guess most of them would prefer to do commercial stuff, which would give them a deal with Nuclear Blast haha! So, tell me how old are you all and what makes you play this stuff? How did you end up forming Galvanizer?
Hails! I am Aleksi and recently I turned to 18 years, Vili is 19 yers old and Nico is the oldest and he's 21 years old. The thing behind this band is the passion for playing and performing!
Old school death metal is the music closest to my heart (and guts) and it's something so energetic to be on the stage and just tear peoples ears apart! Death metal scene over the world is rising again and older bands are re-uniting one by one. We just had a vision to be a part of this whole thing such as tapetrading. Galvanizer is formed by Vili back in 2013 and I joined in autumn 2014. At that time we were two piece band but gladly Nico joined in 2015 to play drums! I gotta say that this kind of popularity what we have couldn't be possible without all you guys supporting analog old school death metal! A special thanx to everybody!

I introduced your band to some friendly maniacs and they were all impressed, saying that your music may sound archaic and “Horrid Tales of Death...” EP sounds like an old 90’s demo tape, but
there’s feeling and kind of enthusiasm and passion that makes it more exceptional than many other old school death metal bands. How do you feel about such compliments?
I am really happy for that kind of words ofcourse! It's really satisfying when you hear from people that they really like our music and I have to say that I haven't heard much of negative comments. Good way to keep haha. I still respect those who don't like it and there are some things that I personally would change if I could go back in time. Quite often the band itself is the one always whining about their music haha. That's life... And about that "going back in time", one guy here in Finland said: "These young men will take you back in time faster than DeLorean"! Fucking love that line haha. That is something I've wanted to achieve for some years! We try to look old school and try to sound old school. It draws people's attention and I'm simply an old school worshipper (Only analog is real enough!).

Tell me something about the demo “Ground Above”, which you did prior the EP. I never heard it, I guess it wasn’t widely spread, so what is it like? How was the recording of both demo and EP like, since I guess you’re not experienced in studio sessions and stuff like that.
Well ,”Ground Above” was recorded in the end of 2014 and we actually spread it much more widely than we thought we could. Something like 160 copies were traded / sold and given away from us. Quite good amount could I say! It was really a DIY tape and we dubbed all of them on old tapes by ourselves. The recording of that shitty demo was simple... ONE FUCKING MICROPHONE AND A REHEARSAL ROOM! Haha! We composed those songs in our second rehearsal and I had some lyrics ready for few songs, so It took something like two fucking days and we got a demo ready! Not joking. We were super fast at that point but I wasn't so fast behind the drumkit haha. First of all we recorded guitar and drums simultaneously with that one microphone. Then it was time for bass and after that the vocals. All happened In our rehearsal room. ”Horrid Tales of Death...” EP recordings were quite different from the demo recordings: all the instruments were recorded separately, like it's normally done. This type of recording was new thing for me but luckily Vili had already much of experience on recording in a studio!

You recorded the demo as two piece band and now have Nico on drums as third member, so it’s classic three piece! I saw that you come from small towns, probably somewhere near the end of the world (haha!!), so I guess you should be happy to have been able to have complete line up? What did the addition of Nico to the line up change in Galvanizer? 
Yes. Nico joined Galvanizer like two months before recording of our EP. First off we thought that Nico could be the guitarist but I really weren't happy about my skills on drums so Nico joined to play drums and I grabbed my Jackson from the corner of my room and it went good like that. Without Nico on drums, Galvanizer would not be Galvanizer. We are faster now than in the beginning! I'm really satisfied with our line up!  I think that trio-bands look good on the stage and there's much more room to go crazy on the stage haha! And about our small towns... nothing to say about them... hahaha. Just wilderness, bears and quiet but dark woods. So something normal if we think about Finland.

So, “Horrid Tales of Death...” was putted out by Equinox Discos. How did you end up on Eduardo’s label? Did you record these four new songs with aim to get them on vinyl or first it was supposed to be just another demo?
It was something like the beginning of 2015. Eduardo sent us an email and he said that he's interested in Galvanizer and he could release our music on tape, CD or vinyl. Well, that email got us really interested and in the same time we started to compose those four songs that ended up on our EP which Edu released! We will work with Equinox Discos on the coming releases too as long as Eduardo wants that! We have been happy about Equinox Discos and Edu is the man who works hard for the bands! Nothing bad to say.

How do you feel about the music of Galvanizer? I mean, does it take a lot of effort from you to come up with this sort of riffs and atmosphere? Or the whole composing process is pretty smooth?
Pretty smooth I guess. We have pretty big distance to each other, so that slows things a bit but we're fine with that. Making new songs comes really naturally and it re
ally is fun too. Lyrics are the bigger problem haha. I have made almost every lyrics and I simply just try to make something utterly horrifying. I have to say (and many of you maybe have heard it with your own ears) that we like to make different kinds of songs and the style sometimes goes from pure GrindGORE to Dismember kind of melodic death metal.

I was impressed with the opening / closing themes for your EP, as they show you have gift not just for creepy, morbid death metal, but also for melodic stuff. The ending part of “Cadaveric Lust” sound just stunning. I wonder if you have in plans more such ideas for harmonic riffs, which would bring maybe some Swedish death metal influences, but which would surely make the music more varied and interesting?
Those themes were quite a success, at least the outro on ”Cadaveric Lust”. It turned out to be pretty awesome and atmospheric. Somekind of a wedding tune for alive human and decomposed corpse. Of course we have space for something similar! We are strongly influenced by the Swedish scene too and the melodic stuff gives on us that versatile sound. It is our way to make different kind of songs so the listener can always stay more interested and doesn't know what's coming next. So not only fast blast beats and repetitive riffs on and on... And I have to say that I use the classic Swedish HM-2 sound so that's the one way of the Swedish influence haha. On the records the sound is more raw though but at our shows it sounds way more heavier! Maybe in the next release you can hear it better...

Ha, I was surprised to see that the artwork for “Horrid Tales of Death...” was made by the dude, who in the past did artwork for all classic Finnish bands like Abhorrence, Convulse, Demilich, Purtenance. Damn, it makes a nice connection of Galvanizer with the old Finnish cults, especially as style wise it seems like you’re very much inspired by your old scene, right? I mean, if “Horrid Tales of Death...” was released in 1991, then it would be cherished as much as “Crown Waits the Immortal” for example.
Yeah, I totally dropped my jaw when Luxi's answer was "Yes!" for drawing a cover art to us. But what can surprise you is that he actually drew it in the golden year of 1991! So it isn't a new drawing by him and he said for me that he haven't drew anything like that for 20 years and then he found that sketch. It was originally supposed to be a T-shirt design for some legendary 90's band but somehow they ever didn't use it... This kind of stuff makes for us even bigger connection to the old school scene. Maybe we could be a legendary and classic band from the 90's if we would be over 40 years old guys now.

So, tell me about your general impression on the old Finnish death metal scene. Which are your personal favourite demos, Eps, albums, etc? I always loved Finnish bands, but hated to see many of them changing their style after the first album haha. It sucked big balls, in my opinion. Just see what happened to Disgrace. Another bunch of great bands like Demilich or Funebre split up just after one album and that’s another sad fact.
Can't say any personal favorites! Too many super good records. But ofcourse I can say few of them: Demigod – ”Slumber of Sullen Eyes”, Xysma – ”Swarming of the Maggots”, Necrobiosis (all releases), Funebre – ”Children of the Scorn”, Abhorrence – ”Vulgar Necrolatry”, Lubricant – ”Swallow the Symmetric Swab”, Demilich – ”Nespithe”, Mortal Agony – ”The Cradle” and many many others. But there's some of my favorites and of course I forgot many of those when I try to put them here... I don't actually mind about those changes in those bands. I like all the Xysma material for example and I can say that some bands changed their style pretty good. But of course that is only my opinion haha. I understand your view on it too. It's kinda sad that many great DM bands split up or changed their style radically. I think it happened more with the bands here in Finland than with the bands in Sweden. But one sure thing is that Finnish and Swedish death metal is a big part of our music!

You played some gigs with Lubricant lately. How were they like? What
’s your impression on this band and their rather weird take on death metal? What do they sound like so many years after? And what was people’s feedback to Galvanizer performances like?
Great times, great times! That weekend was sick and so was I in somepoint haha. Too much alcohol... Lubricant is a special type of band! They have really unique sound, kinda grinding rock n roll. They're good friends of mine and I hope they feel the same way, haha! What surprised me after their comeback is that they sound exactly the same after all these fucking years! It is just amazing to witness that! Feedback has always been really positive on our gigs and these two shows didn't make an exception. We will demolish all the living matter  to the grave on our gigs and people seem to like that, haha!

So, “Horrid Tales of Death...” is out, some gigs are played… and what’s next in plans? I’m hoping to hear more such killer music, so tell me what you aim to do with Galvanizer!!! And tell me also, is it true what people say about the Finns drinking so much fuckin alcohol, vodka especially haha?
Well, there actually are some recording plans but at this point I can't reveal anything specific, sorry! But I sure can guarantee that some new sickness is coming to beat the shit out of your ears... We are also planning a Germany / Denmark tour for the summer! And the drinking thing, well, the stereotype isn't there without some truth behind it, you know. But even though we're quite heavy drinkers, there is still no competition when it comes to Russians: even a Finn thinks that's something unbelievable. 
Thanx for making this interview possible! Thank you for all you guys for reading this! We will be back soon with new material! Before that we will play gigs with some flaming passion! Here's some links considering Galvanizer: Email: 

Pandemonium - Bones Will Rise from the Ground Live

PANDEMONIUM - Bones Will Rise from the Ground Live (OLD TEMPLE CD 2015)
Pandemonium is one of the longest running Polish bands for sure. In their close to 30 years long history (formed in 1989!) they had their ups and downs, better and worse albums, they even had to change the name for Domain, when the original drummer Żuber registered the original moniker, and then as Domain recorded another three excellent albums. All in all, I think that if you don’t know Pandemonium and such classics like “The Ancient Catatonia” or “Devilri”, then it’s huge mistake. I do have an impression though that Pandemonium is hugely underrated, especially the stuff they recorded recently, like the phenomenal “Misanthropy” (2012) album, but even such “Hellspawn” (2007). So, please check these albums out, because Pandemonium deserves attention. Meanwhile, Old Temple released this compilation “Bones Will Rise from the Ground Live”, which may also interest you. I personally treat it like a collectors’ item, because the purpose of this compilation is doubtful. But I guess it’s always cool to listen to this band and here you’ll find some very nice songs indeed.
The best part of “Bones Will Rise from the Ground Live” is surely the first one, where you can find some different studio recordings, from various sessions. First, there’s excellent “In Lord We Trust”, which is sort of exclusive song here and which would fit the last full length perfectly, with quite disturbing, dark, eerie aura and slow, hypnotizing music. Then there’re couple of newly recorded songs that were featured also on “Misanthropy”. I don’t know what’s the point to re-record these songs again, since they’re still very fresh, but it’s always nice to hear such “Only the Dead Will See the End of War”, which is just epic piece, with strong almost ritualistic feeling and aura that reminds me such Septic Flesh. And I like song called “Misanthropy” even more! We’re also treated with cover of “Equimanthorn” and re-recorded song “Hellspawn”, which are fine.
Then there’s the second part of “Bones Will Rise from the Ground Live”, which is a 2005 live recording. And it’s pretty cool, I can say, even if the sound quality is quite raw, but who cares, right? The set list contains many Pandemonium classics like “Hagia Sophia”, “Unholy Existence” or “Memories”, so it’s surely a nice present for fans of the early Pandemonium recordings. I have to say that I like that they didn’t make “a fake live recording”, how I usually call them… you know, live recordings, which are polished in the studio or even have some additional parts recorded in the studio, with the screams from the audience extended or cut off. No, this live recording is harsh, but that’s why it’s also authentic. You can hear that it was done in small venue, with probably small number of maniacs under the scene, but they do scream the usual Polish “napierdalać!!” (haha) or the band name, so it’s all as it should be. It sounds like it must have been a good show.
And that’s it. “Bones Will Rise from the Ground Live” is not a must have release, it’s rather something for the fans of the band and collectors. Surely it will make the waiting for new album shorter.

Final rate: 65/100

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Hellspawn - There Has Never Been a Son of Me

HELLSPAWN - There Has Never Been a Son of Me (OLD TEMPLE - CD 2016)
It’s been a while since Hellspawn released their last album, excellent “The Great Red Dragon”. I don’t really know what was going on with this band since then, but at least their new album came out recently, which is “There Has Never Been a Son of Me”, putted out by Old Temple. In case you don’t know Hellspawn, they’re Polish death metal act with three albums and one demo in discography. I guess that for many fans out there Polish death metal is already something that equals to quality and distinctive brutal music. And believe me, Hellspawn is one of the most solid and enjoyable bands from here, in my opinion. I have all the stuff they recorded, I was happy to watch how they’re maturing, evolving in good direction, making better and better music. “There Has Never Been a Son of Me” is another step forward for this band for sure, another great release, another awesome quality death metal. Obviously it’s not a groundbreaking record, which would bring something exceptional and new to the genre. But are we even looking for something like this? I don’t. I just want to hear killer riffs, great songs, good arrangements and powerful death metal. “There Has Never Been a Son of Me” has all that for sure.
Hellspawn take on death metal is quite a diverse thing, because I think they equally dose the old school vibes, as well as the more modern death metal influence. Their music can be technical and blasting like crazy, but next there will be a slower, even kind of epic song. At few occasions Hellspawn decided to use keyboards, but I am not sure if I like the effect, to be honest. It immediately reminds me how Vader decided to incorporate keyboards into their music and I never really liked it, it sounds odd and almost inappropriate for this sort of bands, in my opinion at least. It’s like they wanted to get an extra point for bringing something new, doesn’t matter if it sounds good or not. Of course I am not gonna moan that there are keyboards on “There Has Never Been a Son of Me”, some of you may like this orchestral feeling keyboards add, some won’t, right? Sometimes it sounds worse (the final song), sometimes better, like for example in “Antitrinitarian”, which has such a small “God of Emptiness” vibe mixed with a bit of orchestral Septic Flesh-icism that you’re gonna love it anyway haha! “Heralded by Prophets” also has that killer feeling alike to Morbid Angel and damn, what a nice song it is, I simply love it.
Other than that, the album is filled with ferocious, brutal, often fast death metal that will blow your head off. Similarities to Morbid Angel, Vader, Deicide, Vital Remains and such is strong, and these names should give you an idea what can you expect from Hellspawn. But as said, this is quite diverse material and I like how the band combines different types of riffs or tempos, aggression with some melodic accents, even how the vocals vary. It just brings fantastic results. It’s almost easily listenable, because this album is so straight forward that you’ll get into it immediately.
Check it out then. And read the lyrics, which are filled with strong antichristian topics.
Standout tracks: “Do Not Be Among Idolaters”, “Antitrinitarian”, “Heralded by Prophets”

Final rate: 75/100