Sunday, 17 June 2018

Incinerator / Profanity Angel - Execration of the Holy Spirit

INCINERATOR / PROFANITY ANGEL - Execration of the Holy Spirit (PRIOR SATANAE Productions - CD 2018)
I like split releases a lot. But I do prefer when bands that participate are similar stylistically, not from two completely different niches of extreme metal. On "Execration of the Holy Spirit" we have brutal death metal band Incinerator and black / death metal act Profanity Angel, so it's quite unusual mixture, but I can live with it. Both bands are good, so I see no problem here. And if you seek for another extreme underground piece of filth, grab a copy of this CD immediately. 
Incinerator comes first and it's already third time I write about them. On this split you'll find their "Death Descends" demo (which I already reviewed some months ago), but with an additional song and an intro. Well, I can then just repeat what I wrote earlier about them - Incinerator plays solid brutal death metal in the vein of early Cannibal Corpse. Their music is savage, filthy and very raw, but I quite like it, especially that sick, gory atmosphere. Good songs, not bad sound quality – everything about "Death Descends" reminds me US death metal demos from early 90's, especially from these unknown bands, which never got a wide recognition. Maybe this is why I like it so much. Not the most brilliant stuff ever, but very decent and surely recommendable. 
I never had a chance to hear "Acts of Desecration and Blasphemy" demo from Profanity Angel before. But it's been featured on this split and I have to say that it's good idea to release it on this CD, because I like this demo. It's very bestial, obscure and morbid type of black / death metal, very primitive, ugly and utterly harsh, total savagery and brutality. Think of Blasphemy, Black Witchery, Bestial Raids, and from death metal bands it can remind you the likes of Incantation. Pretty good songwriting, simple but just effective... Great vocals, I like that kind of harsh, vicious deep growl a lot. The production could have been a bit better, but on the other hand such primitive sound fits this type of extreme metal the most. So, definitely good band and a nice discovery. 
Verdict: 70/100 

Gravelord - I

This is gonna be short review, I don't feel a need to write in depth elaborate about Gravelord's debut album "I'. Not because I hate the music and don't wanna waste my time on it. Nope! It's just because it’s so simple to describe that it's not necessary to write book about it. 
What we have here is pretty entertaining and cool to listen to mixture of black metal, thrash and old school heavy metal. It's like blending Motorhead, Venom, Aura Noir, Nifelheim, early Bathory, Bewitched in filthy, obscure cauldron and swirl it until the most blackened tar will come out. Add a lot of sulphur into this mix though! And the result is "I". Yeah, it's music, which is often called black 'n' roll, although personally I hate this description. Anyway, we have here nine songs and an intro, everything is solid, well played, we have nice simplistic riffs, good production... This music is instantly catchy and memorable, but to be honest for me it quickly becomes quite boring. I feel like every song sounds the same, has been built on similar type of riffs and ideas... So, I could enjoy "I' while having a nice cold beer, but one spin of this CD is enough for me. After that I want to change the music for something different. It's one of these CDs, which I can treat as an anomaly in my collection, very different to the stuff I listen to usually. I don’t think I will be coming back to it often, but I can certainly admit that Gravelord music will find its supporters. 
Standout tracks: none has stood out for me 
Verdict: 60/100 

Friday, 15 June 2018

Archives of the Dead part XXIX - Damonacy - Therapeutic Morbidity 1992)

Archives of the Dead part XXIX - Damonacy - Therapeutic Morbidity 1992) 
Line up: Jason Corr (drums), Stan Zielinski (guitars), Mike Klose (bass), Ben Danburger (bass), Matt McCluskey (guitars), Brian Worland (vocals) 
Recorded at TraxEast studio, New Jersey in 1992. 
Damonacy were another old death metal band too short living to make any bigger impact on the 90's scene. But I have to say that their music still sounds solid and I personally like it a lot. I think Damonacy was formed in 1990 and released two demos "From Within" in 1991 and "Therapeutic Morbidity" in 1992. The second of these two demos has later been released as a 7 inch vinyl by Corpse Grinder, although it misses one song (original cassette had three songs, while the 7" contains only two of them). 
Damonacy were pretty standard death metal band from USA, with shredding riffs, decent technicality and proper dose of brutality comparable to the likes of Monstrosity, Malevolent Creation, Resurrection or Ripping Corpse. Both songs are pretty damn good, I like this style of death metal a lot, that diversity, which Damonacy presents in their music - because it's slow and fast, brutal and more groovy, even thrashy sometimes or a bit melodic, but also quite complex... And Brett Hoffmann's like vocals do fit here very well. Unfortunately the production could have been better, especially these buzzy guitar tone just lacks viciousness and heaviness. It's still fairly well recorded though, so no big complain. I can definitely sense that there was a lot of potential in Damonacy, so I am quite surprised the band never went any further than this seven inch. 
Interesting fact is that on the cover of this 7" we can see that Damonacy was a six piece, with two bassists in the line up. To be honest, you can't even hear that, the music still sounds like a standard death metal. Second bass do nothing here. Maybe better production would be able to show the dual of two guitars and two basses better, but not in this case... but it's still pretty interesting fact. "Therapeutic Morbidity" was also the last recording of Damonacy, which split up some time later... A compilation CD was released in 2014 with all their old recordings, I have never seen a copy of it though, which is a shame. I will certainly grab one, if I have a chance though! 
Verdict: 70/100 

Ancient Crypts - Devoured by Serpents

ANCIENT CRYPTS - Devoured by Serpents (IRON BONEHEAD - LP 2015)
Once again I have to write how much I worship that monstrous death metal scene from Chile. There are so many killer bands there, such an awesome old school, brutal feel to it... I can only wish it never ends. Ancient Crypts is another fantastic band from there, which I am very impressed by. This legion is led by Nyarlathotep, who was Unaussprechlichen Kulten member once. The band has also people who were or still are involved also in bands such as Apostasy and Invincible Force. And in 2013 they released a debut official material "Devoured by Serpents", first on tape, but later also on CD and LP. 
And well, I have to say that I love this MLP, I love the music and that brutal, harsh, old school sound of it. I do realize that most of people will only say that Ancient Crypts is nothing more, but Asphyx worship kind of band, but does that mean they're not good? Damn, their music is fantastic. For me "Devoured by Serpents" sounds like early Asphyx records, "The Rack" especially. They have similar dark atmosphere and that harsh, obscure sound. All riffs they came up with here are just splendid, I worship this style of death metal, with this brutality, maliciousness, sometimes a bit slower pace and a bit of melody, which gives more viciousness and heaviness to the whole sound. The title track is definitely the finest example of how killer is Ancient Crypts' music, I believe that this song is just as good as any track on "The Rack". Generally, we could moan that Chileans pretty much follow the same patterns, ideas and arrangements as their Dutch heroes, especially in the way they incorporate these epic, mournful melodies. But I don't even care, to be honest. The music is great, exactly as I like it, so why moan? Let's leave it to "I know better and I love to complain" people. I play this record loud to silence their useless opinion and to feel the heavy sound of "Devoured by Serpents" better. I'm waiting for the debut full length now!!!! 
Standout tracks: "Devoured by Serpents", "Between the Mortuary Remains" 
Verdict: 85/100 

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Kira - Ancient Lies

This very interesting album is a first release from Polish band Kira. Band, which is completely unknown, but their impressive debut should certainly give them some attention, because the music is worth of that. Kira on "Ancient Lies" brings us explosive mixture of death and black, which sounds pretty modern, not only due to that powerful, clean production, but also with similarities to bands like Behemoth ("Funeral Now"!), Belphegor, Morbid Angel, a bit of that characteristic Polish death metal ingredients and so forth. If I also say that it can remind you Nomad – maybe because Kira is Nomad's members new band - then it won't be big miss, I hope... but I have poinout that I like Kira music more than Nomad music! 
Anyway, I definitely enjoyed "Ancient Lies". There's a whole bunch of great songs here, which stick out from the masses, having splendid arrangements, great ideas and riffs, very good vocals – and everything on this album is varied and it's never one dimensional. You'll find here whole bunch of fast, blasting fragments, which will smash you into pieces, but the music is balanced with good dose of melody and slower, more catchy parts. It becomes quite atmospheric sometimes, especially in such "Hallow Soul", which I think is almost alike to Greek black metal – and that is a great compliment, especially because it's such a fine song. Technically the album is also top notch. You cannot say anything bad about it... 
But if I was going to point out anything what I don't like so much... then I would say that sometimes I feel like there's too much of everything here. We have 14 songs here. 42 minutes of music. It seems awfully a lotAnd there're also 4 instrumental songs in between – and to be honest, I have no idea what their role is to play other than extinguish the duration of "Ancient Lies". They're quite progressive sounding, filled with kind of nostalgic guitar leads... Sure, they're very well played, but they kind of break the aggressive, furious manner of the rest of the album for me. The tension and intensity of the music too easily goes away with them and sorry, but it becomes quite dull for me. 
Despite that though, I still think that "Ancient Lies" is a solid album, which I can sincerely recommend. It has more strong points than weak ones and is just a good, easily listenable death / black metal album. Worth checking out for sure. 
Standout tracks: "Hallow Soul", "Ghost Kingdom" 
Verdict: 70/100