Thursday, 14 July 2016

Diabolizer - Apokalypse

Turkey is not a country, where you usually look at if you wanna find some killer metal bands. I’ve tried to come up with some names that would be worth being mentioning here, but the result is poor and there are just two bands that I have in my mind: Engulfed and Burial Invocation. These two are killer death metal bands that I really wanna recommend. But hold on, here’s another one, called Diabolizer from Istanbul!!! And guess what… Their line up consists of some Engulfed and Burial Invocation members haha, so it’s no surprise that these fuckers managed to form another killer project. They started in 2012 and quickly released “Shadows of Impending Decimation” demo. And now time came for the apocalypse!! “Apokalypse” is the title of their new CD from Third Eye Temple, with five new tracks and a bonus of both songs from the demo.
And man, I have to sincerely admit that from the very first minute this music blew my fuckin head off. I just love such death metal – which is so bloody intense, so vicious and aggressive, so powerful and fast that it can really rip your guts out and you can risk some nasty injures when this wall of sound (play it loud!!!) will hit you and you’ll start a maniacal headbanging! Yeah, I know, what a unimaginative description haha, but this is exactly what I felt when I started to listen to “Apokalypse”. When their first sounds hit me, I was like “ooohh yeah, this is gonna be good shit” – and damn, it is awesome stuff. Diabolizer music is so perfectly played and recorded, it has such a great dose of power that it just makes amazing impression on me. This unstoppable, furious beast sounds like a bastard son of Vomitory and Vital Remains, with some cum shots from Deicide right in the face. It also has that diabolic, evil atmosphere, their riffs are sharp and brutal, precise and so bloody fast…! While Engulfed is a slow bulldozer and Burial Invocation (who didn’t record anything since years, when their killer split with Anatomia was unleashed – what a shame!) is a proper old school death metal in the most traditional ways, then Diabolizer is again a bit different and surely it’s the most violent, brutal and fastest of all these acts. And probably also my favourite. Definitely you need to check them out now!

Final rate: 85/100

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