Sunday, 31 July 2016

Krabathor - Rise of Brutality

KRABATHOR - Rise of Brutality (RAW SKULL REKORDZ CD 2016)
Really fine reissue came from Raw Skull Rekordz. I may not be the biggest fan of Krabathor, but I definitely like some of their albums a lot and actually I think that “Rise of Brutality” is along “Mortal Memories” my favourite material from this Czech legend of death metal. The original releases of “Rise of Brutality” are probably not so easy to find, but later this EP was added as a bonus to “Lies” album. I’m glad though that someone came with an idea to make a separate reissue of “Rise of Brutality” on CD (hope to see vinyl soon also!), as this is always much better than being a simple bonus material. Especially as I said that this is one of my favourite Krabathor recordings.
It is a short EP, originally it had only three tracks (plus intro), but this CD version has two more. Some of these songs are known also from “Lies” album, like killer “The Truth About Lies” and damn, these songs still shred like crazy. I like the sound Krabathor had during this time of their career, because it was raw, but so powerful and vicious, and the riffs were just crushing and aggressive as hell. It’s awesome that they sounded so brutal and quite fast, but had sort of catchiness in their music that made it sound more infectious than your average death metal. From the bonus tracks, “Pacifistic Death” is obviously the most favourite slab of mine, this is already an old Krabathor classic tune and will always be among their best songs.
Yeah, “Rise of Brutality” is a fun release, if I can say that. It’s pure old school feast and death metal maniacs will love it for sure. This CD is limited to 300 pieces, so be fast to get one!

Final rate: 80/100

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