Saturday, 23 July 2016

Arma Christi - Egocentric Oblivion

ARMA CHRISTI - Egocentric Oblivion (WM PSYCHO CD 2016)
“Egocentric Oblivion” is a debut album from this one man project and I’m happy to say that this is surely the best thing, which Thorn came up with. It’s good to see progression in his song writing, with more ideas, better, more complex song structures, better performance and also with the improved production. Definitely he found a new quality with “Egocentric Oblivion” and I can only applause that.
And definitely I like this album, even if this is not my most favourite sort of black metal. To say it shortly, this is a chaotic, raw and usually totally fast aggressive attack, a stream of unstoppable, pissed off black metal. You can expect to hear many relentless, furious guitar parts, an insanely fast drum machine and distorted, maniacal screams of Thorn. And yeah, Arma Christi music is almost cacophonic, with not many slower parts or surely without much melody. Here and there you’ll hear a slight dose of keyboards, which really sound good and I almost wish to hear more of them, as they give something extra to the whole music. And it would surely make the whole album more diverse, as at the moment it is a bit too one dimensional, in my opinion, especially in those fast parts. You know, how many of these blasts you can listen to? But “Egocentric Oblivion” is a solid release and surely a good improvement in Arma Christi style. The whole album reminds me Mayhem a bit, with similar inhuman, furious attitude and hateful, malicious aura. There’s still some work to be done for Thorn, but damn, I can already say that he’s heading in good direction and comes with stuff that is not your typical, zillions times done before stuff. This album has some moments, which will simply crush you for sure.

Final rate: 69/10

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