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Hate - Lord is Avenger

HATE - Lord is Avenger (VOX MORTIS - CD 1998)
So… I just published my review of “Daemon Qui Fecit Terram”, but no rest for the wicked! And so, here’s the album number two, titled “Lord is Avenger”, which Hate recorded and released two years after the debut. At that time they were already a known band in the Polish underground, with three demos and now two albums released, but they were still suffering for something what many other Polish death metal bands had – and which was a criminally underrated status in the European and worldwide underground. “Lord is Avenger” hasn’t changed that. Blame small Polish labels or whoever… the fact is that nowadays these old Hate albums are quite difficult to find abroad and even if “Lord is Avenger” was released on CD twice – both times with “Daemon Qui…” album as bonus, but first it was a double CD version (Vox Mortis) and then a single CD version (Apocalypse Productions, which was Hate drummer Mitloff’s label) – it’s still a rare item.
When you listen to “Lord is Avenger” it’s just obvious that in almost every aspect this album is better than “Daemon Qui Fecit Terram”. I mean, first of all, the production is awesome. It’s more brutal and aggressive, it’s more powerful, so every riff sounds heavy and the whole music is just like a bulldozer, crushing everything with no hesitation. Not to mention that it’s fast as hell. Musically we can also hear some improvements, as Hate slowly got rid of the “Deicide followers” sticker and became more original and interesting. Sure, one can still point out some similarities and not only to Deicide (“Vexation of My Spirit”), but also to such Vader, Sinister, Vital Remains, Monstrosity or Krisiun. But generally Hate sounds like a band with their own identity. And yeah, the songs are better, more interesting, with some truly killer ideas and brutal, but at the same time quite memorable and catchy riffs… This is easily listenable death metal, I can say. And did I mention how fast it is?!?! Of course it’s not Krisiun, so it’s not so monotonous and one dimensional, Hate songs are way more diverse and interestingly arranged, but basically each song here has a strong, fast section, which will destroy you! So, if you prefer slower songs then you have “Paradise as Lost”, if you prefer truly fast shit then there’s such “Share Your Blood with Daemon” and “Dead and Mystified” for instance. Oh, I must also mention really awesome intros that were used on this album!
I don’t need to repeat that I prefer such “Daemon Qui Fecit Terram” and “Lord is Avenger” way more than all the more recent Hate albums, I think. They are awesome death metal albums from the late 90’s and if you don’t have them yet, then you can only cry and hope that someone will decide to re-release them. Recommended.
Standout tracks: “Share Your Blood with Daemon”, “Intransigence of Evil”, “Paradise as Lost”, “Dead and Mystified”

Final rate: 80/100

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