Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Centurian - Choronzonic Chaos Gods

CENTURIAN - Choronzonic Chaos Gods (FULL MOON Productions CD 1999)
There was a time in the late 90’s when Holland started to come up with great bunch of fuckin brutal death metal bands. Pyaemia, Severe Torture, Disavowed, Prostitute Disfigurement and few more were crushing with some of the most intense, technical and extreme shit that you could imagine. Centurian was also there and they were also my favourite Dutch band from that era, simply because their music was also more like old school stuff, influenced by some of the old US death metal heroes. And yes, it was intense and brutal. And this album, “Choronzonic Chaos Gods”, is the best Dutch death metal motherfucker that was released at that time. This album is simply fantastic.
The sheer intensity and extreme, powerful character of music are the main strengths of “Choronzonic Chaos Gods”. Wow, this album blows away the speakers into damn cosmos and your ears will bleed, because you’ll play it too loud. Trust me, you will. You cannot listen to it quietly. I just love how it sounds, how fast Centurian music is on this album and that even if it’s technical and brutal death metal, it is still easy to listen to. And they even have some memorable parts in slower fragments, etc. I like the riffage and many ideas for arrangements or whatever, I like the vocals also a lot, because Seth has this kind of Glen Benton alike voice, which is just super cool. Basically Deicide along such Vital Remains or Morbid Angel were surely the bands that you could compare Centurian the most to. But also Aeon, Angel Corpse, Brazilian commando Krisiun and obviously Sinister as well. All these bands share passion for something totally blasphemous, evil sounding and malicious; intense, brutal and insanely ferocious. “Choronzonic Chaos Gods” is exactly like that, with a bunch of killer, standing out tracks like “Hail Caligula!!!”, “The Law of Burning”, “Misanthropic Luciferian Onslaught”
Yeah, this music will tear you up and its power will surely infect you in positive way, providing a lot of adrenaline and energy. It’s a pure slaughtering death metal, nothing more, nothing less.
The musicianship of every Centurian member is obviously top notch, they’re like beasts that were locked in a studio to unleashed all their fury and aggression and transform them into music. The production is also great, way better than it was on the demo “Of Purest Fire”… and that artwork, all covered in blood of band’s guitarist!! Can it be any better? Nope. Killer stuff!!!!
Standout tracks: “Hail Caligula!!!”, “The Law of Burning”, “Misanthropic Luciferian Onslaught”

Final rate: 80/100

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