Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Rotten Casket - Consumed by Filth

ROTTEN CASKET - Consumed by Filth (Self release MC 2015)
This is really awesome shit in my opinion. Rotten Casket are new Dutch death metal band and I just love this cassette they titled “Consumed by Filth”. It’s actually a second demo they did in 2015 (first one is called “Simply Rotten Death”) and I regret that I don’t have the first one alo, but at least I have “Consumed by Filth” and was able to discover this killer band. What they’re like? Well, both sound and style of music, which you can find on “Consumed by Filth” is simply Swedish old school death metal worship. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s exactly that, so… you should know by know whether Rotten Casket will interest you or not.
I can describe “Consumed by Filth” in one sentence – that it is simply a fantastic, killer demo. I know that it’s not gonna surprise you with anything new. When I listen to it, I feel like there are so many old bands that influenced Rotten Casket – Dismember, Entombed, Desultory, Goddefied, God Macabre, etc – but at the same time their style reminds me some newer bands even more, like Entrails, Revel In Flesh, Puteraeon, Pyre, Smothered, Blood Mortized, Departed Souls and such. But especially Entrails. And it’s fuckin awesome, as I’m great fan of all these bands also haha!
Rotten Casket managed to compose six extremely good songs here. I really love each one of them and not even a single moment of “Consumed by Filth” sounds dull to me. They have great riffs that are vicious and aggressive, but they also have a good sense for memorable, killer melodies that always create such total unforgettable death metal that I cannot ever resist it. Sometimes their music can be quite predictable, to be honest, as you just know when to expect a mournful melody to appear or whatever else. For example, a slow part always means that they will do another melodic bit. But I don’t care at all, because the music sounds absolutely superb in my opinion. Just as I wrote above, Rotten Casket came up with many crushing riffs, splendid melodies (like in “Unknown Graves”), I love the vocals, the production is also great (even if it’s also the type of sound you would expect exactly to hear from such band)… I can only speak in very, very positive words about “Consumed by Filth”. Songs like “In Search of the Perfect Skin” (Perfect tune!!!!!!!), “Unknown Graves” and “Culpable Homicide” are simply fuckin perfect anthems of old school death metal, I just like this stuff a lot, so... Please, support Rotten Casket then! Because this band fuckin slays!
Standout tracks: “In Search of the Perfect Skin”, “Unknown Graves”, “Culpable Homicide”

Final rate: 90/100

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