Friday, 29 July 2016

Turbocharged / Ragehammer - Enlightenment by Bloodletting

TURBOCHARGED / RAGEHAMMER - Enlightenment by Bloodletting (GODZ OV WAR 7"EP 2016)
Split EPs are some of my favourite type of releases, I just like that feeling of playing 7” or 12” singles with some killer bands on it. And this is another such split, which was recently released and which I liked a lot. I bought it just for one band, to be honest – for Ragehammer – but it was a pleasant surprise to find out that the second band is also fuckin cool and it will now force me to get more shit from them.
That second band is Turbocharged and yes, they are Swedish, but if you think that I’m tired with all the Swedish death metal, then you’re wrong. “Bloodletting” is very cool song, in my opinion, I like this sort of blend of death metal with crust and punk, with the simplicity and straight forwardness of these styles and nastiness and aggression they provide. This kind of stuff is always damn catchy and I get into such songs like “Bloodletting” immediately. Next time you’ll see me, I will be screaming the chorus of this song when taking the shower haha (yes, metalheads also take shower sometimes, even though they should be ugly and smelly haha)! But seriously, Turbocharged is very promising, so definitely I will need to check some more shit from them.
Ragehammer song is called “PanzerFaustian Enlightenment” and it is just as good as any other tracks that were featured on recently released and so fuckin excellent album “The Hammer Doctrine”. I sincerely love this full length, it may even end up as my favourite Polish release of 2016!! I like a lot Ragehammer’s vicious and damn aggressive take on thrashing black metal (or however you’re gonna call it), I love the riffs they come up with and fantastic vocals of Heretik Hellstörm, who turns into one of the best vocalists on this unholy ground. You’re also gonna like Ragehammer music a lot, I am sure, because it is nasty and violent, but at the same time it is just freaking catchy and so fun to listen to. Bang your skulls!!!

Final rate: 80/100

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