Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Ligfaerd / Grigorien - På Den Yderste Dag / Matthævs 13:42

LIGFAERD / GRIGORIEN - På Den Yderste Dag / Matthævs 13:42 (ANCIENT DARKNESS Productions split 7"EP 2016)
Always cool to get some new shit. And this time Ancient Darkness Productions sent me over a nice split 7”EP called “På Den Yderste Dag / Matthævs 13:42” with Ligfaerd, who are really awesome Danish black metal band and Grigorien, who I never heard about before, but who also are from Denmark (and share one member with Ligfaerd, bassist Benedictus).
Starting with side A, we have song called “På Den Yderste Dag”. I already knew it, because it is taken from that very limited promotional cassette “Promo MMXIV”, which I’m happy to have in my collection. It is a great track; Ligfaerd style is very vicious, dark and obscure sounding black metal. Their sound is harsh and raw, the music is far from being polished and polite, but I like the malicious atmosphere they create a lot and how fast this song is. So damn aggressive!!! It’s just very, very solid and promising stuff, personally I can’t wait for “Dagen for Os - Natten for Eder” album to be released later this year. Oh, play it 45 rpm instead of 33 rpm! And then change back to 33rpm for side B haha!
As said above, Grigorien is something totally new for me, I had no idea what music will that be… But it’s quite nice kind of raw, thrashing, very harsh and noisy black metal. Oh yeah, it sounds really nasty and aggressive, it’s just pure violence and hatred haha! The vocals are a bit like Donald Duck in fuckin amok, but I’m joking, don’t take this seriously haha. Grigorien really did good stuff here also and if you like your old school black metal to have that ultimate fuck off attitude, then this may also be your stuff. Personally I prefer Ligfaerd song more though, as it’s darker and more eerie sounding. Nice split anyway!

Final rate:70/100

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