Friday, 29 July 2016

Eteritus - Following the Ancient Path

ETERITUS - Following the Ancient Path (GODZ OV WAR - CD 2016)
I have to say that when the release date of this album was announced, I was really intrigued. Maybe Eteritus’ debut EP “Tales of Death” was nothing that special and I cannot say that I play it often anymore, but full length album from this band was more than promising. “Following the Ancient Path” finally came with Godz ov War Productions logo and I have to say this is a solid and… pleasant (haha) album. But seriously, this Polish band may not be the best thing you’ll ever hear, they’re not playing anything spectacular and I doubt if “Following the Ancient Path” will become one of those truly unforgettable and essential albums. Despite that, you will enjoy it a lot, if only you’re into melodic death metal, strongly infected with the Scandinavian sound. If you are, then this album is for you.
I guess the biggest problem many of you will have with Eteritus is the fact that there are so many similar bands these days – and quite many out there are just better than Eteritus. Even here in Poland, I had recently a chance to listen to new albums from The Dead Goats and Ulcer and I like them both more than “Following the Ancient Path”. But I guess Eteritus is somewhere on that stable, solid middle quality. I personally want to advise you to play this CD and simply enjoy some great death metal tunes, without giving a fuck that it’s too common or unoriginal. This album is very easily listenable, it will hit you from the first listen and its catchiness will infect you easily. It’s a good dose of melodic stuff with aggressive, old school type of death metal. Nasty, vicious riff is often accompanied with a nice harmonic stuff, what makes the music sound more interesting and diverse. The production is pretty clean, it obviously is very “Swedish”, with the characteristic guitar tone, etc. I like it, except maybe the drums sound.
And well… I don’t know what else can I write about this album. I suppose that you should have a clear picture of what “Following the Ancient Path” is like. I’ve been playing this CD quite many times in recent days and surely I’ve enjoyed it, although after so many spins I started to get tired with this album a bit. But surely it was a pleasant surprise, because Eteritus made a huge step forward with the quality of their music since “Tales of Death”. This album is much better than the previous release of this band for sure. Good work then.
Standout tracks: hmm, I really don’t know

Final rate: 70/100

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