Friday, 8 July 2016

Mhonos - Miserere Nostri

MHONOS - Miserere Nostri (NECROCOSM - CD 2016)
This is some weird stuff that I received from French label called Necrocosm and which offers sounds that I'm usually so much into and hardly ever play anything like this. And it was intentional to describe this CD with word "sounds" as this is not really music, which we would understand as something that has typical song structures, harmonies, rhythms, vocals, etc. Mhonos is more like a combination of dark ambient, noise, drone and fuck knows what else. Sounds like something you may like? Then read it on. But if you’re not into experimental stuff then I wouldn’t recommend it to you.
The whole album "Miserere Nostri" feels like one 40 minutes long track - divided into four chapters, but they’re all are connected, so it feels like you hear just one long track. As I mentioned, there are no specific rhythms or drums or usual musical patterns and melodies, but just bass, some keyboards, noise sounds and the vocals, which are like choirs or ghastly voices. And the feeling of the "music" is like a journey into some dark, obscure abyss, into disturbing, unknown and frightening depths. They bring almost painful feelings like something was drilling holes in your skull, slowly and sadistically, taking you into madness. And more so, everything has a strong ritualistic atmosphere. Everything about "Miserere Nostri" has minimalistic approach - and the simplicity of the artwork also, so it fits perfectly.
It's weird, but even though I'm usually not so much into such music - with probably few exceptions - I find "Miserere Nostri" as fascinating. There's something about this album that doesn't let you forget about it and it’s just ideal to be played in the darkness of your home; on headphones most preferably, so you will close yourself within it, cutting off from the surroundings. There are some fragments that really stack in my mind, like a piece from track called “Communio”, where I loved that haunting and sinister atmosphere, with vocals that sound like sort of mantra. Meanwhile the keyboards from the third part "Offertorium" bring a nice dark ambient piece, which is almost like a light in the surrounding utter darkness; very different in its aura to the rest of the album.
My knowledge on Mhonos, as a project, is basically close to zero though, I have no idea if they have more albums or not. But surely I’m going to investigate it and find out more about them, because "Miserere Nostri" is really intriguing. By the way , this is a third version of this album already (first one was released in 2010).

Final rate: 75/100

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