Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Vestibule of Hell Compilation

VESTIBULE OF HELL Compilation (WOLFSBANE Records LP 2016)
It took me ages to do this review (due to some problems  I had with my turntable). Finally I got it fixed and can review “Vestibule of Hell”. This vinyl was released by Wolfsbane and it’s a compilation with some more or less known death metal bands. And well, I suppose that compilation releases have as many fans as opponents. Some people like them, some don’t. I guess I’m somewhere in between, as there are some fantastic compilations like “Projections of a Stained Mind” and "Ressurected in Festering Slime", but many other were just boring and waste of time. Definitely thing, which I always require if you wanna have successful, killer compilation is not only ability to gather only great bands. But these bands must also provide exclusive material, otherwise their participation is just pointless. Luckily, “Vestibule of Hell” meets all these conditions. There’s a very nice set of bands – most of them I know very well, only very few were unknown to time. And all of them came with rare or unreleased songs. And more so, Wolfsbane remembered to house the record in fantastic cover. The killer artwork was done by Matt Carr and I love it. But there’s also thick booklet, where each band has its own page with some more artwork, recording info or lyrics and stuff like that. This is how I like the work to be done; no cheap shit, but great presentation that makes the purchase of this record even more worthy. Obviously the musical content is also very nice.
On side A Hacavitz comes with the best song, in my opinion. It’s just fantastic blackened death metal, totally vicious and fast as hell. I’ve never heard much from this band, but definitely I need to change it and grab some of their albums, because it looks like those Mexicans have recorded some good shit and with “Nighte” they caught my attention fully. Side A also delivers a memorable tracks from Entrapment (another very good song from this band!!!) and Eternal Rot. The latter will crush you with ultra slow, downtuned and massively heavy sounds, which are a great follower of their debut 7”EP. I definitely wanna hear more from them. Good songs also come from Denial (Mexico) and newcomer Dead Will Walk (who still didn’t release anything but this one very short song). But side A also has couple of bands and songs, which didn’t impress me at all – Necrofilth, whose punkish thrash is completely not for my taste. And Icons of Brutality who’re a decent death metal but nothing else.
The list of bands on side B is damn impressive. It is starting with Lucifericon, whose debut “The Occult Waters” was fantastic!! And this new song is also just killer, it’s definitely my favourite part of the whole “Vestibule of Hell”. I just love their obscvre or viciovs dark death metal. They have new MLP releases, so it’s something I will surely grab. They’re followed by the old heroes from Pentacle. These masters of old school as always have an impressive song, this time it’s Necrovore cover tune! Rude also comes with fantastic track. Damn, I have to admit that I bought their LP loooonnngg time ago, but still didn’t give it enough listens, I kind of forgot about them. So, I have to wipe the dust off it and play it finally. Further on Bombs of Hades, Wound and Sonne Adam present some great tunes and only The Howling Wind didn’t manage to interest me so much.
-Hacavitz - Nighte                                             
–Entrapment - The Reaper                                
–Eternal Rot - Fatal Offering                            
–Icons Of Brutality - Region Of Flesh             
–Denial - Deprecatio De Profundis Tenebrae   
–Nekrofilth - Street Fight                                  
–Dead Will Walk - Prison Tomb                       
–Lucifericon - Omega Therion                          
–Pentacle - Divus De Mortuus                          
–Bombs Of Hades - When The Reaper Comes 
–Wound - Carrion                                             
–The Howling Wind - Pulsation Warfront        
–Sonne Adam - Halayala Shell Lucifer             
–Rude - Funeral Pyre

Final rate: 75/100

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