Friday, 22 July 2016

Some words on Decaying - The Forgotten Conflict, again!

DECAYING - The Forgotten Conflict (RAW SKULL RECORDZ CD 2016)
Some months ago I has a pleasure to review Decaying’s fantastic EP titled “The Forgotten Conflict” – and you can still find my review on this link ( Back then I was playing this on cassette, as this is how this EP was originally released (via Let Them Fukkin Bleed Records). But in the meantime my good friend from Raw Skull Recordz released that stuff on CD, so I cannot waste this opportunity – I will write few words on this EP again, supporting it, so you know that there’s a CD version. And hopefully after reading this, hundreds of maniacs will want to place their orders on Raw Skull Recordz and buy this fuckin CD haha!

My general opinion on this EP can be found in the review. Let me remind you though that what “The Forgotten Conflict” is, are some old songs, from “New Order” demo (two tracks “The Aftermath” and “… to Decay”) and one from “Encirclement” album (“Conclusion”) all re-recorded for this EP and completed with some live recorded songs (cassette had two live tracks while CD has four). So, it’s not a new material and those, who have previous Decaying CDs will know it all very well. But damn, it’s awesome stuff and in case you never heard this Finnish commando yet, this is a great opportunity to check their music out. It’s classic, heavy death metal, a bit in the vein of Asphyx, Bolt Thrower, Hail of Bullets, Humiliation, Memoriam and all that kind of stuff. It’s aggressive and massive heavy, it has some crushing melodies and great dark aura. These guys have skills for writing killer riffs, like in the long monster song called “The Aftermath” or “Conclusion”. And the sound quality is just superb. Live tracks also sound good, especially the first two… so, even if these are not new songs, I listened to them with great pleasure. Because I’m big Decaying fan. Support this band, support Raw Skull Recordz. Buy this shit.

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