Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Degial - Death and Darkness Buries All....

DEGIAL - Death and Darkness Buries All.... (BLOOD HARVEST - 7"EP 2010)
Degial!!!!!! This is a killer horde from Uppsala and man, if you’re not aware of them yet then just MUST GET their LP “Death’s Striking Wings” now or you’ll die in agony and your body will rot unburied, left to be eaten by crows, vultures and dogs. Ever since I had been tormented by Degial’s full length album I promised myself to get their previous recordings also. Maybe “Awakening from Darkness” demo from 2006 will be impossible to find, but at least I finally managed to put my hands on “Death and Darkness Buries All....” 7”EP from 2010. Three tracks, but so much energy and power are coming from the speakers that my head will explode soon… but who cares, this is just what happens when you listen to killer death metal.
When listening to Degial I have three bands in my mind: the ancient days of Possessed, Morbid Angel and Repugnant. Those Swedes do sound a lot like the three bands I mentioned combined together and more so, they are also close image wise to Repugnant, which is also a great thing, as I love that kind of vision and sort of evil aura around the band members on these photos. Anyway, with “Death and Darkness Buries All....” you can forget about melodies or some nice, catchy tunes… this is utterly obscure, morbid and filthy death metal; very archaic, also very fast, chaotic and relentless (here another name pops in: Merciless and their “The Awakening” LP!!!!!). No bullshit, just straight forward, merciless attack. And I don’t know if it’s due to their Uppsala origin or do Degial really also have something in common with the black metal of (early) Watain? Anyway, three lethal anthems, with “Death in Heaven” being probably my favourite, 12 minutes of killer death metal… This is what this EP offers and damn, I love it. Degial is awesome band, no doubt!
Final rate: 85/100

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