Saturday, 2 January 2016

Decaying - The Forgotten Conflict

I enjoyed all previous Decaying releases and have all the albums they unleashed so far. I’m very happy about it. Their last one, “One to Conquer”, is just absolute shredder and killer piece of death metal. I love it. And obviously I am gonna buy all future Decaying recordings also, unless they start playing some disco or rap – which will never happen! So, a cassette with “The Forgotten Conflict” had to be purchased! It came from Till You Fukkin Bleed and is a nice addition to my Decaying collection.
This is great EP, even if it doesn’t bring any new songs, but only some old tunes re-recorded live in 2015 (good sound quality!). But who cares!? This is just damn amazing death metal that the fans of Bolt Thrower, Asphyx, Hail of Bullets or other such stuff will and should love with all their hearts. Decaying has a great gift of coming up with excellent, memorable and damn heavy riffs, which here and there are accompanied by more melodic theme… and this dude, Matias Nastolin, is awesome vocalist, who may sound like van Drunen sometimes, but he sounds fantastic in my opinion.
So, three songs are here, three crushing tunes and I am not even gonna guess, which one of them is my favourite. Besides, a pile of massacred, smelly and disgusting meat and blood can’t think – and this is how I feel after being crushed again by Decaying: like a putrid pile. No more words are needed, this time I will keep the review short (my previous reviews of Decaying albums were much, much longer haha)… if you still don’t know those Finnish monsters, you’re obviously an Amon Farth fan haha!

Final rate: 85/100

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