Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Mausoleum / Haemophagus - Slime / Intense Mortification

MAUSOLEUM / HAEMOPHAGUS - Slime / Intense Mortification (Equinox Discos - 7"EP 2015)
I’ve just received a nice split 7” vinyl, released on Equinox Discos and Eyes of the Dead Productions, with two bands that I am more familiar with the names only rather than with the music. I hope it will change soon. So, we have here Mausoleum from the US and Haemophagus from Italy.
And I started massacring the body and getting deaf with the Italian band, as I know them a little bit more. I mean, I have one release of them, a split 7“EP with Repuked, which was really damn awesome (find my review elsewhere!). And yeah, they still do the same, brutal stuff as on the older split, which is a killer and damn fast, powerful and energetic death / grind. The recipes for Haemophagus music are easy: songs are short and arrangements, riffs, etc are all simple as fuck, but they sound killer anyway, as they erupt with such a great dose of energy and blast like crazy, hitting and grinding you with no mercy. Damn, I love it. Haemophagus is not innovative or whatever, but they have some killer riffs. And sometimes they also manage to surprise, like in “Kidnapped and Brutalized” where that slow piece comes in the mid part of the song with quite mournful lead. But later they again blast and blast in “Teleport to Madness”, so back to normal haha. Awesome! Yeah, I definitely need to check more stuff from those Italian grinders. And I even know where to find their vinyls haha!
And then we have Mausoleum. This is a band formed by ex-Morpheus Descends bassist and some other experienced musicians, who played in bands like Incantation and some small demo death metal bands. Mausoleum actually did two albums already, but I never had a chance to hear them, even though I did have some opportunities to buy them. But never did. Will this one song make me get these CDs asap? Well, I don’t know, because Mausoleum recorded here Impetigo cover only, so it’s not something what would be representative for their own material. Anyway, the cover sounds good. It’s slow, heavy and brutal death metal piece, with raw, thick production and real nasty feeling. Sadly I don’t know the original, as Impetigo is one of those bands, which I’ve always been ignoring, for one reason or another. But damn, this cover played by Mausoleum is damn nice.
And all in all, I recommend this split 7”EP to all collecting death metal freaks. I’ve enjoyed it a lot and damn, so I am damn happy to have a copy!

Final rate: 75/100

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