Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Bullcreek - Osschaert

BULLCREEK - Osschaert (RAW SKULL Rekordz - CD 2017)
Bullcreek – surely it’s an odd name for the death metal band. But this is how this newly formed Dutch beast was called. It’s interesting that it features some members of old Dutch bands Burial and Mordancy, but even if it didn’t then it would not matter, because the music is able to defend itself. Yes, I like this album! I do admit that I expected it to be great, because it was released by Raw Skull Rekordz and so far I loved everything this label released, but I think it exceeded my expectations. “Osschaert” is 45 minutes of stunning epic death metal with strong doom metal influence, which should interest everybody – those who like old school death metal but do not avoid it when it’s bit more melodic and less nastier. And those who like their metal to sound epic, quite catchy, melodic and heavy at the same time.
I have to say that first time I started to listen to “Osschaert” I just sat down and let these sounds devour me. This album impressed me immediately. A lot of these slow paced, doomy or epic death metal bands turn into boring nightmare. Let’s take that shitty Amon Amarth for example. Bullcreek is much, much better. The opening song “Woods of Wiezel” reminded me this Swedish band a little, but luckily it’s nowhere close to boredom and repetitiveness of Amon Amarth’s music. Another bands that quickly came to my mind were Just Before Dawn and Hypocrisy. And finally all those doomy fragments, especially in the closing track called “The Monastery” reminded me bands like Novembers Doom, although in less emotional and sorrowful way. Bullcreek music is atmospheric and it does bring such emotions as melancholy and sadness, but there’s also aggression and fierceness to it. All in all, I think that the whole “Osschaert” is great, diverse album that is far from being monotonous and boring.
It’s very easily listenable, instantly catchy and memorable music. It’s almost pleasant, even though it’s death metal, with growls, heavy sound and some blasting parts. But the melodies, atmosphere of the music and powerful sound do not make the listening difficult. I have to say that the music is very well written, whether we speak of more aggressive, yet harmonious songs like “Woods of Wiesel” and “The Serpent’s Egg” or massive sounding, crushing beasts like “Dorset Ooser” – it’s all so damn nice! The song called “The Monastery” will surprise you even more, especially when you’ll hear some female vocals. But it’s a positive surprise and I like “Osschaert” from start to finish. For me personally it’s always a nice change from all this obscure and vicious stuff that I mostly listen to. It’s good sometimes to listen to something more harmonious and catchy, just like Bullcreek.
Standout tracks: “Dorset Ooser”, “The Serpent’s Egg”

Final rate: 75/100

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