Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Funebrarum / Interment / Putrisect - Pestilential Winds

FUNEBRARUM / INTERMENT / PUTRISECT - Pestilential Winds (DOOMENTIA Records 7"EP three way split 2016)
It’s a bit weird to find three bands on split 7”EP, as usually there are two bands, very rarely four… but three? I think it’s the first time I see something like this. But the list of bands that participated on “Pestilential Winds” is impressive and definitely it was one of those releases, which I just had to get.
After short intro, the feast begins with Putrisect, who are the only band from this split, which I have never heard before. This US commando has a song called “Pestilent Quintessence”, which is very solid and good sounding death metal. It’s very straight forward, brutal and no bullshit stuff, it’s also very traditional sounding, so it should be a good listen for you all. I like it a lot also, but it’s not my favourite song from the split. Funebrarum does brilliant job, as always! Although Disma will (for now at least) remain my favourite band from this sort of playing, Funebrarum also brings a lot of killer music and “Into Dark Domains” is an excellent song. I love this gloomy, dark atmosphere, I love that sheer heaviness of their sound and massive riffs, which sometimes are accompanied by more harmonious parts, so much in the vein of some old Finnish bands. It’s very harsh and brutal sounding death metal. And Daryl Kahan’s deep, monstrous growl sounds like it was coming from the abyss. Oh, excellent stuff.
Side B brings the Swedish godzzzz, Interment and yes, you guessed it right – I like this band and their song the most!!! I just love this sort of sound and style and feel like it infected every piece of my body forever, ever since I’ve heard this sort of music for the first time 25 years ago. “Drenched in Blood” is fantastic, almost perfect tune for this kind of death metal. It has killer sound, it is aggressive and powerful, it has great riffs and even better melodic parts. And Johan Jansson’s vocals are as always very, very good. Damn, I have to say that Interment are probably my favourite Swedish band these days, because everything they released recently was fuckin amazing (even if they were mainly splits). It’s been six years since the release of killer “Into the Crypts of Blasphemy” LP, but the new album “Scent of the Buried” was unleashed recently (finally!). I got my copy of it only yesterday, but I cannot wait to play it!!!!
Summing up, very good split here. Doomentia rather never disappoint with the quality of their releases, this one also looks great, sounds great and has three killer bands. I don’t need anything more.

Final rate: 80/100

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