Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Galvanizer - Horrid Tales of Death...

GALVANIZER - Horrid Tales of Death... (EQUINOX DISCOS 7"EP 2016)
You never know when you’ll make a nice discovery. And recently I made one, thanks to Eduardo from Equinox Discos. Here’s Galvanizer shredding the skin with their 7”EP “Horrid Tales of Death...” recently released in 500 copies quantity. Well, these guys are Finnish and on the picture they all look so damn young, just as young as Carcass or Nihilist guys were, when they were starting their glorious bands. I don’t know if Galvanizer future will be similar to their heroes, but damn, this EP is such a good start for them. OK, maybe not quite a start, as they also did a demo cassette before, but I never heard it anyway. This small piece of black wax is kind of first official label release for Galvanizer. And as I said, this is a tasteful piece of carcass; smells pungent and vile, is decomposed badly and there are more worms in it that in pope’s ass.
The reasonably calm, keyboard played, beginning of the first song doesn’t announce the viciousness and aggression of this EP. But once the first riff begins, the hell breaks loose and damn, Galvanizer sounds awesome. Did I mention Carcass above? Did I mention Nihilist? Did I mention Pungent (Stench)? Yeah, these can be some names that will come to your mind when playing “Horrid Tales of Death...”. And also the whole bunch of Finnish classics, starting with Demigod and Convulse up to such stuff like classic Abhorrence. The production of “Horrid Tales of Death...” is quite raw and filthy, but it obviously fits perfectly the harsh and morbid style of death metal that Galvanizer plays. It’s almost grinding stuff and very old school, so when hearing it you’ll think it’s 1990 again. Does Galvanizer bring anything you’ve never heard before? Nope, but they’re just fuckin good, in my opinion. Grinding, filthy death metal, fierce and disgusting and horror! The EP contains four nice songs and well, I feel really pleased when hearing them. And the ending part of “Cadaveric Lust” is so fuckin good that I can play it all the time. With this small fragment Galvanizer showed that they’re also able to (de)compose a killer melodic stuff and believe me, this ending piece sounds unbelievably amazing ha!
All in all, I can just say that “Horrid Tales of Death...” is damn awesome single and Galvanizer is surely a band worth of your support and to be checked. Hope they’ll come up with more of such nice filth in the future.

Final rate: 80/100

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