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Krashing - Disinterment 1987-1993

KRASHING - Disinterment 1987-1993 (Natura Morta Edizioni - CD 2012)
I must admit that one of the coolest things, which I have noticed and which happened in the past three, four years, was the blog society, which helped to exhume hundreds of old and sometimes nearly forgotten bands and their demos. Yeah, I can hear some voices screaming now: internet and downloading mp3 demos is not underground ble, ble... fuck that. If there were no blogs and downloads of those old recordings, which they provided (or even the scans of the old fanzines!) I would probably never have a chance to get to know many killer releases and bands. And can there be something more underground and valuable that supporting the great scene and great demos? And it is always fantastic feeling to find a band, which was formed and split up 20 years ago and to hear their music for the first time now and to find out that something, what back then people have perhaps considered as mediocre, sounds actually very good and better than many bands, which have survived the tough times for death metal (I will stick to this genre, as black metal has completely different story and to be honest many old black metal demos from the 90’s annoy me for their completely fucked up production). I’m not gonna mention any names now, because I hope everyone was able to find such bands by himself, what shouldn’t be difficult, seeing that many of those old demos and EPs or whatever, have been exhumed and brought back to life in one form or another (I mean they were re-released on LP or CD). Here I have a pleasure to introduce you to a band, which I think have never crossed my path before; even on those blogs. At least I don’t remember seeing their name on websites like raf666underground, plague of death (not active anymore) or wherever. This is Italian band called Krashing. First time I got to know them was, when a certain musician from Bergamo (hails to thee, Abibail!) asked me to make some Metal Archives updates for some bands from his city and one of them was Krashing. More so, it turned out that he has just released a CD compilation, with two demos of Krashing, so I was happy that Abibail got me a copy of it and now I can introduce this band to some other people – I mean to you, whoever you are, reading this review. I dare to say that there won’t be that many (any???!) people, who have heard of Krashing ever before.
Krashing was a thrash / death metal band, formed back in 1987 in Bergamo. This three-piece has recorded a couple of demos – “Cycle of Decomposition” in 1991 and “The Ancient Were, The Ancients Are, The Ancients Will Be” in 1993. Soon after the release of the second of these tapes they’ve split up and have remained entombed, until Abibail exhumed them and brought back to the sun light. So, Natura Morta Edizioni has released this CD titled “Disinterment 1987-1993” and this really sounds like someone entered an old catacomb and excavated something from it. The music of Krashing smells like putrid and sounds like the most archaic, old death metal classic demos from that period of time. Before listening to it first thing you must do is to get rid of the 20 years old dust and spider webs, kill some maggots and put a mask, otherwise the stench of death may kill you! Hehe, just kidding, don’t worry; the CD is definitely released in good and solid way. 8 page booklet provides some information about both recordings, has all the lyrics, plus some old photos… So, you’ll find everything you need. And musically don’t expect maybe the best and most killer demos of all times, because “But Life Goes On” or “Only Shreds Remain” they are not, but surely they’re very decent and solid efforts. I like that authentic feeling of these two recordings, that dark and extreme atmosphere and passion, so characteristic for many early death metal demos. Sure, sound quality is not the best, is it very raw and in many ways primitive, but surely not as bad to abhor you (unless the heaviest band you like is In Flames :). Krashing certainly played something on the edge between thrash and death metal, but with the slight prevail of the second of these styles, as definitely their music was faster and more aggressive than the thrash bands would sound like at that time. Eeghh, what do I need to write… If you like that feeling, when you listen to the early demos from Vader, Massacra, Mercyless, Nihilist… it also reminds me some early Polish death metal demos, like Thanatos’ “Out of Sanity” killer demo. Krashing is pretty much similar. And who cares, if it sounds so dramatically archaic and primitive? The feeling is most important and for me “Disinterment 1987-1993” is a nice travel back in time and great introduction to completely unknown band. I hope that with this review some more people will get that compilation, you surely must if you dig the old scene!
Final rate: 80/100

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