Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Funerus - The Black Death

FUNERUS - The Black Death (DARK DESCENT - 7"EP 2015)
It’s been a while since Funerus brought devastation and crushed the bodies with their killer LP “Reduced to Sludge”, which was this band’s second full length album. Damn, these four years is a long time, but it passed so fast! But I guess this break was all due to some health problems Jill McEntee had – and which I hope are all gone now. So, Funerus comes back with the brand new recording, which is this fantastic 7” single (putted out through Dark Descent) called “The Black Death”, with three new songs!
And definitely this is a comeback I wanted to hear, even if band like Funerus doesn’t bring anything new to the genre. But they just know how to shred and compose some absolutely killer death metal tunes. And you know, Funerus music is heavy, it’s brutal, dark and obscure, it’s also mainly slower, but has some faster parts as well… and the riffs can be massive and brutal, but you can even hear few melodic bits here also. So, “The Black Death” – just as all previous Funerus releases – is simply a classic take on old school death metal, without any useless experiments or faggoty technical demonstrations. To my ears, it sounds like the best death metal albums from the old days, bringing to one cauldron Autopsy, Asphyx, early Death, Obituary, Bolt Thrower, Cianide, Grave and so on. Everything what’s best in the traditional death metal! And I love how Funerus does everything, with crushing as fuck riffs and that gloomy, mournful atmosphere in the slower parts. Such “The Minding” (which actually is on side B, not on side A; there’s mistake on the cover) should be played on my funeral, as it’s a complete, perfect death metal anthem! I cannot even describe that feeling I have, when I listen to this song other than being just massacred. And to be honest, all three tracks are awesome and so I love this EP. Excellent comeback from Funerus and I hope to hear some more deadly tunes from them soon!

Final rate: 90/100

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