Monday, 30 November 2015

Pyre - Human Hecatomb

PYRE - Human Hecatomb (Reforestation Records - MC 2014)
Russian metal – Russian death metal especially – until recently was not existing for me. My opinion was that there’re not good bands at all, just a pile of garbage. Luckily things change and quite few really good names appeared there like The Prophet, Chamber of Torture, Trigger or Grond. But my favourite stuff comes from band called Pyre. Damn, this band is awesome. I already collected couple of vinyl releases of them: killer “Ravenous Decease” MLP and split with Entrapment – they were both excellent. And then Pyre released their debut album “Human Hecatomb” through Mexican Chaos Records. And yes, it is again a brilliant release, I love it, it’s my favourite recording from Pyre so far, but for fuck sake! How come there’s no vinyl version available anywhere in Europe?!! How come I have to buy fucking cassette to listen to it, while I really wanna LP? It’s another reason why I am always so sceptical about some of these more exotic record labels, which even if release good stuff then have shit distribution. Anyway, I hope that one day a vinyl will end up in my collection. And until then I have to play the cassette version released through Reforestation Records in 200 copies limitation.
And believe me, it is a pure pleasure to listen to this album. In my opinion Pyre is among the best bands, which play that old school death metal with strong Swedish influence. You know, we have Undead Creep in Italy, Brutally Deceased in Czech, The Dead Goats in Poland, Graveyard in Spain and Revel in Flesh (and dozens more haha) in Germany… and Russia has Pyre. These are the best bands from this style in my opinion (not counting the Swedish hordes now though!). You can expect all the classic ingredients on “Human Hecatomb”; there’s nice melody, aggression, dark atmosphere and most of all, there’re simply killer, fantastic riffage. You know, as I mentioned many times before, I don’t care about the music being original or if someone calls it a trend and that there are many similar bands at that time. Why would I give a crap? The music is either good or bad, nothing else should matter. I don’t care if it was heard before and if Dismember recorded “Like an Ever Flowing Stream” in 1991. And I hate opinions like “oh, I have original, why would I care about a copy?”. Oghhhh, fuck off. This is 2015 and it’s awesome to listen to so brilliantly done death metal album in the old school way. It’s like fresh blood and besides, how many times can we listen to “LAEFS” or “Left Hand Path”, right?
To me “Human Hecatomb” is filled with great songs and killer stuff. Basically through the entire album the band avoided fillers and mediocrity. There are many memorable, catchy parts and fantastic songs like “Far Beyond the Unknown”, “Last Nail in Your Coffin” and “Disturbia”, there’s aggressive and quite fast death metal like “Merciless Disease“, “Under the Death Reign” (but even that song contains such an amazing melodic part, with just fantastic harmonious leads… I love it). Most importantly, the whole music was played with passion, enthusiasm and energy that blows out 99% of similar albums ever recorded.
If you ever have a chance to buy a vinyl, buy two – one for me haha! Amazing album, killer band, I love it! I only hope that my interview with them will be completed soon also!!!
Standout tracks: “Far Beyond the Unknown”, “Disturbia”, “Last Nail in Your Coffin”, “Merciless Disease”, “Under the Death Reign”

Final rate: 85/100

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