Wednesday, 25 November 2015

No Salvation - Defiling Verses

NO SALVATION - Defiling Verses (Self financed CD 2015)
No Salvation are Polish death metal act, which did not really make a big impression on me when their 2011 “Among the Mistakes of God” demo was released. I considered it as too mediocre and forgettable, nothing else. But here’s their debut full length album called “Defiling Verses” and I must admit that this is very nice slab of brutal death metal. And surely the band made quite a nice progress from their demo, not only with the compositions and the performance, but also the production, which is very nice.
No Salvation is strongly influenced by the brutal US death metal and the likes of Deicide, Vital Remains, Diabolic, Brutality and Morbid Angel. It’s been played mainly in fast tempos, but not in the boring, one dimensional way, so also some slower or mid paced fragments are here and there. Especially “Niosący światło” brings attention, which is the final song and one, which differs a lot from the rest, not only with slower, more melodic, catchy and epic riffing, but also with the Polish lyrics. But this is the only such piece and the rest of the album is more oriented on brutal, straight forward death metal. And it’s all good. I mean, No Salvation is not delivering anything new and innovative to the table, the riffs and arrangements are pretty standard, so are the vocals and everything… but “Defiling Verses” is solid enough to be enjoyed. There’s not much to write even, just think of death metal in the vein of the bands I mentioned above and that’s it. I also must mention really nice front artwork for this album… and that’s it. This CD is self released, there’s also a cassette version available, so if you’re into this stuff do not hesitate to check No Salvation out.
Nothing else to add. This is quite short recording, so is my review short, but it's nice to see it's all going in good direction.

Final rate: 70/100

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