Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Interment / Anatomia - split 7"EP

Damn it, it was close and I would miss such a nice split 7”EP, with two great bands that I like to collect music from. I forgot that such split was even released, but one day I saw a copy in a distro and asked for the price, but the guy said “sorry, I have it sold already”. Fuck! But luckily he came back to me the same day and said the he actually found one more copy and if I still want it! What a stupid question, “of course I do” I said haha! And here it is – a Japanese and Swedish alliance between Anatomia and Interment! Aren’t they killer bands? They surely are in my opinion. By the way, this split is released in a green cover / vinyl version, limited to 250 copies – which I have  - and a red version, limited also to 250 copies.
So, I immediately played it. Interment brings “In the Veils of Death” and it’s a typical, not innovative Swedish death metal tune. It won’t surprise you with anything spectacular, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. No, it’s damn nice song, with classic riffage, great hooks, nice harsh production, etc. Maybe the song on the split with Tormented was better, but this one is very cool as well and it’s always nice to listen to such great, legendary bands. I am now waiting for their second LP to come out and until then such songs like “In the Veils of Death” are enough to make me happy and bang the fuckin skull until the neck breaks.
And Anatomia… this band is so sweet, I love their heavy, gloomy sound, with ultra fuckin massive riffs, great dark, sick atmosphere and just everything about it is awesome. I’ve been collecting quite few split 7”EPs they were part of, but “Pandemonium” is one of the best songs yet. It’s great, maybe because it’s slow, up to mid, paced tempo, so it’s more aggressive also. More so, the overall harshness and crudeness that this song presents even rise that disturbing, eerie and menacing feeling. These are some intense and brutal seven minutes and one can still hear a lot of Autopsy influence, for example in the vocals, but Anatomia is not just that anymore and I must just say that this band is getting better and better, so after the “Decaying in Obscurity” from 2012 maybe it’s about time to come up with the new full length record?

Final rate: 80/100

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