Thursday, 12 November 2015

Odraza - Kir

Do you remember “Esperalem tkane”, a truly killer debut album from Polish duo Odraza? And do you remember me, giving them well deserved 90/100? Yes, it surely has been an impressive start for this project. And this is why this next release from Odraza was something I was eagerly waiting for. And finally it is here! It’s called “Kir” and it’s a special recording, also in a sense that it may surprise those, who would expect to get “Esperalem tkane” part two. Be surprised, be disappointed – whatever you want, but this EP is nothing like the full length album.
And the first main difference is that “Kir” contains just one, single 20 minutes long instrumental song. Yes, there are no vocals at all and basically no black metal elements as well. The whole is a live recording, of quite special event, from Oskar Schindler's Enamel Factory – The Museum of the City of Cracow, commemorating the damages of World War II. So, the concept is also much different compared to the stunning debut LP! There’s no stench of old alcohol, vomit or cigarettes smoke around, no filthiness, no black metal ferocity – even if there are few blasting parts present. “Kir”, when speaking of the atmosphere, is mesmerizing, very atmospheric, and you can be sure that the music will have a trance like influence on the listener. It is something for a careful listen, to contemplate, far from traditional metal music forms (black metal especially), so this EP is not something what has to crush your heads and bring aggression. But that’s fine, I love the aura of the music, with its almost post rock / metal feeling. I have no idea how much of this performance was a result of improvisation or if the whole music was carefully planned, arranged and rehearsed before, but it all sounds very good and I am again impressed with the music of Odraza. The best thing about it is that you don’t feel lack of vocals here; the music speak for itself and despite rather slow beginning it quickly catches attention and do not let go until the very last second. And once this EP is over I play it again... and again. Be sure also that the sound quality is damn good as well; it can be a live recording, but it’s been very well mixed and mastered in No Solace Studio by M, so the quality is everywhere.
One more important thing needs to be said. There’s also a video that portrays “Kir” in its entirety and it is deeply connected to the whole reason why this recording was done at all. It is an old footage from German nazi concentration camp in Płaszów, filmed by AK soldier back in the old days. The visual side perfectly fits the whole project and it is just great that you can also listen to the music along with this video.
The CD is limited to 500 copies, with 100, which had an extra slipcase (sold out by now). Be quick, get your copy before it’s too late and simply enjoy an awesome music.
Final rate: 85/100

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