Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Archives of the Dead part XIX: Acid Death – Apathy Murders Hope

Archives of the Dead part XIX: ACID DEATH – Apathy Murders Hope (EP 1993)
Line up: Savvas – Jake (bass, vocals), Dennis (guitars), Kostas (drums), Themis (guitars)
They put out so many real nice re-releases these days, so I am surprised that no one has decided to exhume the old recordings of Acid Death! This is a Greek band, and I must honestly say that until recently I knew them only by name, never heard the music. But that has changed when I started to listen to “Apathy Murders Hope” EP, originally released in 1993. And well, I must say that I did not expect it to be that bloody good. Wow, this is probably the best death metal band from Greece I’ve heard, with all respect to the killer stuff from Dead Congregation and Embrace of Thorns… but they’re newer bands, while this is something old, covered in dirt and ash, hugely forgotten. Imagine the classic take on the thrashing death metal, kind of a mixture of Massacra, Protector, Kreator, Merciless, Messiah, Sepultura… you know, this kind of bands. Acid Death name should have been mentioned right next to them, if they were only lucky enough and got an album released few years earlier (their debut CD “Pieces of Mankind” was out in 1997). But what can you do… “Apathy Murders Hope” from 1993 is simply awesome, with two killer, vicious and aggressive songs that will please every old school metal maniac. I like the title song especially, for its fast, crazy, insane riffing. It’s just awesome piece, I like everything about it; the riffs, changes of tempos, great harsh vocals… Damn, it is perfect stuff for me and it didn’t get old, the production is still damn good and the music is timeless, even if some will accuse it for being archaic. Both songs are crushing and go so quick that you end up playing the whole EP all over again. I don’t know any other Acid Death releases, I have no idea whether they were still so bloody good on their albums or some other EPs and demos, but if they were, then this is a must to have and I hope someone will compile all these recordings in one release. I also found out that Acid Death has reformed and recorded a new album. Well, I will definitely give it a try, why not. At the moment though I am all about “Apathy Murders Hope”, great EP exhumed from the fuckin pits of hell.

Final rate: 80/100

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