Monday, 17 June 2013

Demizer - Carnage Mastermind

DEMIZER - Carnage Mastermind (Self financed CD 2013)
Demizer’s “Carnage Mastermind” is one of three CDs which I recently got from Rosmalie (API zine / Envenometal Records) – she’s very active person in the Asian underground! When sending me these three releases she meant to present to me some of the finest Malaysian bands and I guess she did success. Deathevoker’s “Towards Nothingness” turned out to be especially awesome piece of old school death metal and Hellstorm’s “Ribut Neraka 666” was a solid portion of blackened thrash metal. Meanwhile Demizer presents something yet different from these two other bands and style wise I think I can label them as simply as just melodic death metal. And this kind of music may not be my favourite, I actually don’t listen to melodic death metal too often and when I do then it usually are bands like Hypocrisy rather than Dark Tranquillity, but Demizer I think is quite worth of your interest. First of all because they are one of the best Asian bands, speaking of this sort of music, and also because their music is not bad at all.
I like the fact that Demizer plays melodic death metal, but do so maybe in more old school way, not in that fuckin pseudo death metal of Soliwork or Dark Tranquillity – which for me has just nothing to do with the real death metal. Demizer has many melodic riffs, many of which have a clear heavy metal influence of bands like Iron Maiden, but at the same time I think I can say that the music has enough variation to provide also a good portion of aggression and arse kicking death metal, like in “Book of Death”. I cannot really pick up another band, which would clearly have an influence on Demizer – obviously they have, as I already mentioned, a strong heavy metal influence, and maybe they also have some riffs and melodies, which may remind you bands like Arch Enemy, but more aggressive and with rawer production... They also have some signs of their own style, which I can hear in such cool songs as “Rejam Sampai Mati” – really good track, if your ask me! And “Towards Agony” is a song, which will catch your attention instantly and sounds like the catchiest track from the album. But from the other hand “F.F.F.” doesn’t appeal to me at all, being a useless addition to the album, which meant to introduce more sort of heavy metal / rock influence and sometimes sounds like a cheesy ballad… blarghhh.
Anyway, the most important is that “Carnage Mastermind” is just a solid and good album. What’s more, when I compare Demizer to most of other Asian bands I know I feel like “Carnage Mastermind” seems to be more professional and much better composed and performed than many other releases from this region of the world. The production, good guitar playing, cool drumming and vocals… these guys just know what to do to make sure your music will sound good enough for the European fans, who I think are a bit spoiled. I personally quite like “Carnage Mastermind” – the songwriting is good and more so, even if it is melodic death metal, it is not over melodic and still quite harsh and aggressive… So, I recommend you getting this CD, in case you like to collect some more exotic bands this one should be a nice addition to your collection.
Standout tracks: “Book of Death”, “Rejam Sampai Mati”, “Towards Agony”
Final rate: 68/100

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