Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Horrendous - Sweet Blasphemies

HORRENDOUS - Sweet Blasphemies (DARK DESCENT - LP 2015)
For me personally, it was absolutely necessary to see this reissue of Horrendous demo happen. I loved their debut album “The Chills” (but not so much the second one “Ecdysis” hahaha), so I really wanted to hear “Sweet Blasphemies”. But the tapes were all sold out for good. And then this vinyl (and CD!) finally came out… and wow, what a great release it is! I love the artwork and more so, I love the music. But the artwork is really something what makes this release special. I mean, just look at that Mark Riddick’s drawing and etching on the side B of the vinyl. Isn’t it something absolutely beautiful? Damn yes! Musically “Sweet Blasphemies” also doesn’t disappoint, I am sure that all of you, who liked “The Chills” will like it as well. I was actually surprised that none of these songs ended up on the album. It surely is something unusual, but it also makes the demo more special, with all songs being exclusive to this one release only. And this vinyl has also a bonus song!
Anyways, this demo is really exciting. Everything, from powerful, surprisingly clean, yet aggressive production to the music, which would combine Swedish death metal with Death, Pestilence, Obituary, etc with a bit of relentless thrash! This is really great flesh ripping stuff, probably one of the best demos that were released in many years, when speaking of death metal. It’s just surprising how well it all sounds already on a first demo from people, who’re all debutants and unknown to the scene. Their music is well composed, with good technique (listen to these guitar solos), there are great riffs, a lot of diversity, good song structures, just impressive stuff. Horrendous had already this tendency to include some more progressive sounding parts along aggressive death metal, but somehow this works great here. “The Mystic” is the best song for sure, with such a fantastic riffage, fast pace, aggression and just killer, kind of Swedish feeling. And that great melodic guitar lead somewhere near the end, just before Damian Herring screams “Merlin weeps” – awesome! Right after that I am crushed by “Reanimated” and basically these two songs are pure perfection, in my opinion.
To be fair though, I must also say that this demo isn’t perfect. Song “Putrid Rebirth” is a weak link, in my opinion. Especially the way it ends is weird, as it feels like it is unfinished and the band simply had no ideas how to make this song longer and more interesting. Besides, the riffs in this song are also pretty mediocre. Anyway, it doesn’t disturb and as a whole, I think “Sweet Blasphemies” is a kick ass release. I love this vinyl, so I just need to recommend it. contact the band or Dark Descent Records and grab a copy before it’s too late again.
Standout tracks: “The Mystic”, “Reanimated”

Final rate: 90/100

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