Monday, 9 April 2018

Fiend - Misanthropic Flesh Experiences

FIEND - Misanthropic Flesh Experiences (SCHATTENKULT Produktionen CD 2018)
Next album, which was brought by Schattenkult Produktionen, is a compilation CD of German black metal band Fiend titled "Misanthropic Flesh Experiences". As far as I managed to find out, they compiled here five songs from their last recording session, which took place in 2007 plus two songs from 2003, which were supposed to be used for an unreleased split with some other black metal bands. And Fiend split up already, so it doesn't seem like there will be anything else coming from them. Well, I doubt anyone will cry for them anyway... 
To be honest, I had listened to "Misanthropic Flesh Experiences" few times for the review duty only, not because I enjoyed the music. Fiend sounds so mediocre and forgettable that I just couldn't find anything what would make me want to spend more time that it's necessary with it. It's very standard and typical, mostly fast paced, harsh black metal, which you have heard hundred times before. And very often in better quality. There're the typical simplistic riffs, rather over-used ideas and standard arrangements, monotonous screams of the vocalist Perun... It's just boring and not impressive at all. 
I really cannot say much good about this album. I can mention though quite good sound quality and the diversity of tempos, which were used for these songs. It's good also that there's just 25 minutes of music haha! It's not a total waste of time, because it's fairly listenable stuff, but I really think there are many much more worthy recordings, which you should listen to. "Misanthropic Flesh Experiences" should be an offer for the most die hard black metal fanatics. For me it's nothing particularly interesting.
Verdict; 60/100 

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