Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Grimirg - MMXV-I

GRIMIRG - MMXV-I (Patologian Laboratorio Productions CD 2015)
Grimirg is another release from Patologian Laboratorio Productions and a project of Grim666, who’s also in Seal of Beleth. And just like Seal of Beleth, Grimirg also presents us doom metal stuff, but one, which is way more depressive and sorrowful when compared to the other project. Yeah, “MMXV-I” is an album that will take you through the most painful and mournful sonicscapes, embraced in the so called funeral doom style. Four tracks are here. Four very long and very sluggish songs based on rather typical slowed down but heavy, downtuned riff, low, growled vocals combined with a strong keyboard background that brings more atmosphere and kind of hypnotizing feeling to the music. Oh, and there are also quite few female vocals to unveil the beautiful part of sorrowful doom metal. Don’t think it’s anything like the old Theatre of Tragedy though, but for sure those gothic doom metal albums from the end of the 90’s can come to your mind here and there, only played in much less joyful way. And it’s weird that despite all those keyboards or different vocals, the music still feels quite minimalist. I suppose it’s all because it is also quite one dimensional, it’s the same slow tempo through the whole 40 minutes of the CD, it’s the same kind of riff and playing all the time… And I must admit that although it isn’t bad, the whole “MMXV-I” bored me terribly. It just feels like I’ve been listening to the same song or the same motif all the time and it’s been repeating and repeating until I decided to stop this and just switched the music off. Of course I can see that this monotony is about to help to increase the whole aura of sorrow and sadness, but I just don’t find it easy to stay focused through the whole album. But if the Autumn weather makes you more depressed and isolated then it should fit perfectly as a musical background.
Just like “Seal of Beleth”, “MMXV-I” CD is also limited to 200 copies, but I definitely enjoyed the other one much more. This one I am afraid can end up buried in time and dust for long… unless I will find myself in proper mood for such atmosphere.

Final rate: 60/100

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