Sunday, 1 November 2015

Profanal / Into Darkness - Split 7"EP

Here’s another awesome 7”split vinyl, which was released this year, with two bands that I am a big fan of. Damn, I just had to grab a copy and I did so as soon as I found one in a distro. Here are two killer Italian death metal bands: Profanal and Into Darkness. I love the music of Into Darkness especially, as they proved to be totally extraordinary band, in my opinion, but Profanal is also damn awesome. It’s funny by the way that both these Italian bands have one thing in common, what makes them more unique – they both have female growling vocalists! And if you have doubts if girls can lead old school death metal bands, then just listen to them. I am always impressed by their harsh, vicious vocals.
Hmm, I don’t know if these are the best songs from these bands, probably not and we’ve heard some better tunes from Profanal and Into Darkness before. But damn, they still fuckin rip the flesh and torment the souls!!! And from the two, I think I like “Close the Coffin” a bit more, maybe just because it’s right to the point, kick ass death metal piece influenced by the Swedish death metal traditions. And you know, however many times we hear bands playing this shit, I do enjoy many of them, for the feeling and that combination of aggression, heavy doomy bits and melody. It always works, or usually it does, and in this case it sounds just nice. Don’t except anything fancy or super original, just classic recipes, maybe played here for the thousandth time, but who cares, if it shreds like that? Hell yes, I enjoy the song, nice sound and great vocals! Nothing else to be added here! And “3C 273” is also damn good, even if I was surprised a bit by this song, as it’s faster and so much more vicious and harsh than some other songs from Into Darkness, who often were like doomy death metal. “3C 273” is straight forward, cruel sounding, raw death metal, which knows no mercy and melody. You can easily compare them to some very early death metal bands like Asphyx from their demos era and so on… Again, don’t expect fancy modern, technical death metal, which would end up on major labels’ release. This is pure underground slab of filth!!!
And I do like it a lot.
Final rate: 75/100

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