Monday, 2 June 2014

Coldblood - Chronology of Satanic Events

COLDBLOOD - Chronology of Satanic Events (DISTRO ROCK - CD 2013)
Another fine and fierce Brazilian attack is coming, straight from the pits of Rio! Damn, I thought that all what people do in there is dancing samba, looking at and fucking bitches and more so, playing football on the beach. But no, there are also many die hard maniacs, who don’t care about all that and would rather spend their time in the filthy basements, playing some killer death metal. And yes, the number of brilliant death metal bands in Brazil is truly impressive. And here is yet another fine name, which I want to recommend and which you need to support – Coldblood! But I am quite late here, because this isn’t a new band at all. Fuck, “Chronology of Satanic Events” is already their second full length album, on top of which Coldblood has also released several demos and splits and EP! It is me then, who’s late and who never heard them before. But as they say “Better later than never” and now I can truly enjoy some crushing, lethal sounds!
To define the style and sound of what you can find on “Chronology of Satanic Events” is pretty easy, I suppose. Obviously the band holds some of these Brazilian death metal values, which bands like Krisiun, Abhorrence, Rebaelliun, Nephasth and some others have shared – and it is this dark, satanic atmosphere, this feeling, certain harshness and really violent, relentless attitude. And then there are the influences from not just these Brazilian crews, but also from such more popular bands like Morbid Angel, Deicide, Vader, Monstrosity and Immolation. Some traces of each of them you could fine here and there, depending what song we’re talking about, like for example “Hell Transcendental” reminds me of Vader, while the title track is closer to very speeded up version of Immolation meets recent Deicide. But comparisons aside, all you really need to know in the first place is that Coldblood performs some truly devastating death metal and with that satanic aura, which surrounds their music they just take no prisoners and shred from start to finish.
I guess I can only speak in superlatives about “Chronology of Satanic Events”. And if Coldblood doesn’t discover anything new and extraordinary, then it is not something what I would care at all. What matters is the quality of death metal on the album. And that Coldblood really built a great wall of destructive and powerful noise, which blows out of the speakers with no mercy, taking no prisoners. I just like these throat cutting riffs, that brutality and atmosphere of “Chronology of Satanic Events”; especially as Coldblood has the aggression, power and ferocity which are so important for such death metal record. And then they also have riffs or parts, which are memorable and which will stick in your head for damn long, making sure you’re banging the skull like a fuckin’ maniac or some other freak. With the arrangements of every instrument, as well as the vocals and finally also with damn good production, “Chronology of Satanic Events” feels almost like a complete death metal beast. And as such, I can only recommend you these Brazilian fuckers. I know that many of you may already be familiar with their music, but if it’s the first time you hear about Coldblood and you really feel like you’re in the mood for some neckbreaking, crushing South American death metal – this is a damn good offer for you. Full recommendation!
Standout tracks:
“Hell Transcendental”, “Anti-christian Neo-Sectarianism”, “Cross Inversion”
Final rate: 80/100

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  1. Indeed the image of BRAZIL is not the best .. thank goodness we have q exponents of responsibility as coldblood and many other Brazilian bands to enhance the quality of work of our musicians and say in passing leaves nothing to be desired for the gringos and most say they do not know .. but we know we have q and q we must show not the PRIDE .. BRAZIL .. bUT BEING BRAZILIAN .. they have quality in the country of Samba and carnival .. where there is no sponsorship or investment in BANDS sUCH undergrounds and msm with all these storms .. write the name in the history of this case Style DEATH METAL iS FOR LIFTING THE TROPHY WIN!