Thursday, 8 December 2016

Rotten Casket - Emerged from Beyond

Some weeks ago I was happy to get Rotten Casket’s demo tape “Consumed by Filth” (which was a nice gift from a good friend, cheers Mr. Rai-mondo haha). Damn, I did like this demo a lot and immediately putted this Dutch band on a list of some of the best old school Swedish sounding (but not of Swedish origin haha) bands these days. But it was pissing me off that I couldn’t find “Simply Rotten Death”, which is another demo Rotten Casket did in 2015. Underground Movement then came with help and released a compilation CD with both demos on it! Damn killer job! “Emerged from Beyond” is limited to 300 copies, but I managed to buy one, so I am happy yet again and very pleased to own a copy. Now I can play both Rotten Casket demos and enjoy this killer band even more.
From these two releases, I definitely like “Consumed by Filth” more. It’s such a fantastic demo, with a bunch of great songs and some truly incredible riffs and melodies that all fans of Swedish death metal in the vein of Dismember, Desultory, Goddefied and new bands like Entrails and Revel in Flesh will love deeply. I cannot say absolutely anything bad about this effort, although I am sure that moaners will say that it’s nothing original and they see no point in playing this type of music yet again. Fuck them. I love this sound, I love this demo and such songs like “In Search of the Perfect Skin”, “Unknown Graves”, “Emerged From Beyond” and “Culpable Homicide” are real anthems of OSSDM. Absolutely fantastic stuff.
“Simply Rotten Death” demo is also a nice effort, maybe a bit less effective as the other one, but just good and solid effort yet again. It may be lacking those truly memorable and insanely good songs with riffs that give you goose skin, but on the other hand it’s harsher and more aggressive death metal. Songs like “Falling Skies” and “Leeches of the Cross” (this one is a nice death doom masterpiece) do standout on this demo and deliver a lot of goodness. And it all ends with Gorefest’s classic demo tune “Tangled in Gore”, which has been nicely covered. I love such covers, of old death metal demo songs or old albums that not many people may know. This one is sweet. Very sweet.
Rotten Casket surely belongs to my top bands from this style of music. They definitely deserve your attention and I can now only hope that they’ll deliver more such goodness in upcoming months.

Final rate: 80/100

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