Thursday, 23 November 2017

Necrovation - Ovations to Putrefaction

NECROVATION - Ovations to Putrefaction (SERPENT PULSE Records LP 2012)
This demo brings me some good memories, because I got a copy of "Ovations to Putrefaction" cassette directly from the band, back in 2004, when Necrovation has released it. It was a great surprise, because Necrovation was yet young and completely unknown band then, this was their first recording, but I loved it! I immediately interviewed A. Bünger for my (then printed) fanzine and added their name to the list of my favourite new Swedish death metal bands (which then included such Repugnant, KaamosNominonPaganizer). Their quality was later even improved on "Chants of Grim Death" and "Breed Deadness Blood". Sadly, I no longer have the tape, it's gone somewhere. But nothing's lost, because Serpent Pulse Records has released vinyl version of "Ovations to Putrefaction", so I got myself a copy instead. 
And I have to say that the quality of this vinyl release is superb, no doubt. I like the quality of print, the whole artwork and layout - it all looks good. And the music - pressed on nice grey vinyl - sounds fantastic, I still love this demo totally. There are four tracks on "Ovations to Putrefaction" and if you worship the old, archaic death metal sound from the demos of Nihilist, Dismember, Grotesque, Morbid or Merciless - and Autopsy of corpse also! - then you must believe me that you're gonna love Necrovation demo also. They have very authentic sound (it's a rehearsal recording, with lots of reverb and harshness, but it just sounds sweet and perfect for me!), maybe slightly messy in the faster parts, but that doesn't disturb me. And the songs, which they came up with back then were super good. Many riffs they had on this demo were equal to the best riffs from older demos for me, for example in "Putrid Evocation", which is probably the best song Necrovation has ever done. But really every song nails, this music has the right feeling, great aura and vocals of Seb Anthrax are perfect also. I cannot recommend it enough then, it's my favourite style and sound of death metal, so I could listen to it over and over again and never have enough. Sadly, that fuckin tape is gone, but this vinyl makes up the lost for me. Very, very good indeed.  
Standout track: "Putrid Evocation" 
Verdict: 90/100 

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