Tuesday, 2 February 2016

La Sanche - Death Magick

LA SANCHE - Death Magick (GRUFT Prodüktion MC 2014)
La Sanche is a weird name for death metal band, you have to agree, but their music is damn better than you would expect. They’re from Texas and all three members were involved also in some other acts. It’s enough if I say that Bjorn Haga was involved also in fuckin Necrovore, right? Also such names as Blood Storm, Thornspawn and Hod are in their biographies. “Death Magick” is for La Sanche a debut recording, putted out on cassette by Polish Gruft Prodüktion. And damn, I am so happy to have a copy of this quite rare piece of death metal, as the music shreds.
There are just four tracks, but their intensity and viciousness are impressive. And like I wrote in the other review of mine: I like atmospheric metal a lot, but there’s nothing better, when the music really kicks you in the face and knocks you out with pure aggression, wickedness and ferocity. La Sanche does the job brilliantly. Their music is often so fuckin fast, so brutal, sometimes almost on verge of fast black metal, but with growled vocals... They can shred with something fast and then come up with Morbid Angel-like slower piece and believe me, it just all clicks perfectly. And yes, Morbid Angel can be La Sanche’s influence, but it’s great that the band has something more to offer than just that. You’ll even hear a bit of melody here and there, but the majority of their stuff is just pure, relentless aggression, furious and fast as hell quality death metal. I love songs like “Beneath the Cold Azure Waves” (which is a fuckin tornado!) and “Paladine Transference”, which are on side A, side B’s “Vascellum Daemone” is also killer. And only “Blood and Soil”, which is sort of bonus song, is a bit weaker, maybe due to rawer production, which surely is not as powerful as the rest of the stuff from this cassette. I mentioned Morbid Angel, I guess I should also add Vader, Diabolic, etc to that list. Whatever dude. I just love their riffs, sharp as razor, brutal and furious and that dark, sinister aura of the music. Excellent!
And you know, I’m surprised that such a good material has only been released on small quantity cassette. It deserves more attention and vinyl and CD version also, so maybe someone from my contacts who have record labels will be interested in putting this killer out? Kurwa, you definitely should. It’s also shame that the band doesn’t show up in the underground more often, either in the zines, webzines or wherever. I have no idea if they’re just not interested in any promotion or what? Anyways, I sincerely like “Death Magick” a lot. It’s great stuff and I can only hope that La Sanche will get more attention soon.
Standout track: “Beneath the Cold Azure Waves”

Final rate: 80/100

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  1. I just saw this review, thank you. Oh trust me I am interested in promotion. I just have been dealing with unstable lineups for the past 2.5 years. I have been personally recording and mixing our album for the past year which is why I am not around. New lineup should be carpet bombing the underground towards end of April. Stay Tuned.