Thursday, 9 November 2017

Hyperdontia - Abhorrence Veil

HYPERDONTIA - Abhorrence Veil (NIGHT SHROUD Records 7"EP 2017)
Finally I got a chance to play Hyperdontia! It's been a while since I bought this EP, but I never had time to play it... until today and damn, I'm very excited to spin it! Their first recording, which is "Abhorrence Veil" EP was released in 2017 by Night Shroud Records on seven-inch vinyl and I am very happy to have this small piece of filth in my collection. This band is just fuckin superb. I like the music a lot, I worship this obscure, sepulchral aura of it and heaviness, with which the music crushes every bone in you. Yes, heaviness is a key word here. Almost savage sound, massive riffage and bestial, deep vocals, which match the old Demilich stuff!!! "Abhorrence Veil" sounds like eerie music echoed in the deepest, darkest abyss, giving almost claustrophobic and terrifying effect. And there you hear some inhuman grunts of beast, which never have seen a daylight. Fuck, the result is amazing and I am really impressed. Obviously, I could compare Hyperdontia to many bands from nowadays death metal scene, starting with Chthe'ilist and Abyssal, and finishing with such Phrenelith. It doesn't matter, I love all these bands and Hyperdontia is just equally good. It's only a shame that "Abhorrence Veil" is so short, with two tracks it's closed in eight minutes of music. I want to hear more!!! Both of these songs - "Stapled Down" and "Internal Incineration" - are insanely good, in my opinion. 
It may matter to some that Hyperdontia line up consists people, who're in other well-known underground death metal projects, like Necrowretch (Malik Çamlica), Phrenelith (Tuna and David Torturdod), Undergang (David Torturdod), Engulfed and Diabolizer (Mustafa Gürcalioglu). So, this is like a union of Dannish, Turkish and Polish death metallers. I love all these bands (I have to mention also Sulphurous!!!!)... And Hyperdontia is equally good. It gives very high hopes for another crushing death metal album, which I hope will be recorded soon. 
Verdict: 90/100 

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