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Sororicide - The Entity

SORORICIDE - The Entity (Bootleg CD)
Anyone wonders what is one of the most expensive death metal albums like? For some reason Sororicide's "The Entity" has become one of most expensive CDs / LPs and the prices it reached on Ebay or Discogs went far beyond the common sense. Some people went crazy and decided to pay big money for it. But personally, I cannot understand why. For me personally, the music on this album is nothing special and definitely it's not worth a thousand fuckin bucks! Just the fact that it's rare doesn't mean it's worth that much moneyI don't care what people do with their dollars, if someone wanted to show off and spend his month wages on this album, then it's his stupidity, not mine. So, personally I'm just happy with the fuckin bootleg, which not only contains "The Entity" album, but also some other recordings of SororicideI got a decent quality boot and can keep 1000 dollars in my pocket. 
But seriously, speaking of the demanded value of the original press against its music quality, I think this is incredibly overrated album. For me it hardly deserves the praise it often receives, what confirms only my theory that words like "classic" and "cult" have no meaning nowadays, because they're used to describe even such mediocre and even weak records as this. For some people it's enough if the album was released in the early 90's to call it "cult".  What a bullshit. I don't want to say that "The Entity" is a pile of useless garbage, because it's not. But it's not an album, which will give you big erection and powerful kick in the head. Sororicide sounds weak here and more like a miserable school metal band, which hardly learned to play the instruments. But they try to play their death metal and you can even hear that they have some good ideas, some nice riffs... but it doesn't save the overall quality of the album. 
When listening to "The Entity" I can't help, but notice rather sloppy playing from these young dudes and primitiveness of this album. Their guitar solos beg for being erased immediately. And too often it all just sounds messy and poor, especially that some riffs were meant to sound more twisted and the music is filled with tempo variations or very diverse parts. Definitely the best part of "The Entity" is when the music is slower and surprisingly I can admit that Sororicide did come up with some pretty damn good melodic riffs. Songs like "Frightmares" and "Old" are the most interesting and I can say that I like them. You would not exaggerate, if compare them to the classic Swedish death metal scene and bands like Crypt of Kerberos ad such. "Frightmares" is surely also very influenced by early Paradise Lost, I do like how they create darker and more sorrowful atmosphere there. "Redrum" is another very good song. But when played in faster tempos, the music becomes less and less interesting and it turns out that there's a whole bunch of mediocre or even weak songs that bore me to death. Sometimes it just becomes irritating, especially with the weak, monotonous vocals of Bogi Reynisson, who sound like a poorer version of Nick Holmes (oh, and these terrible lyrics... damn, what a crap they are!). The production of "The Entity" is also very thin and only underlines that whole primitive and uninspiring character of this record. So, as I mentioned, at best I can pick up few good songs, some great fragments... but as a whole, this album is hardly ever impressive. 
This bootleg offers also some bonus tracks, which is cool idea. There are songs from "Apocalypse" split CD (which Sororicide did with other Icelandic bands:  Strigaskór Nr. 42 and In Memoriam) from 1992 and the split CD with Chorus of Ruin (1993). Songs from "Apocalypse" sound like the best stuff, which Sororicide has recorded, I can admit that the production is better and heavier, but the music also improved. On the other hand I don't quite like these two tracks from the split with Chorus of Ruin. They're just boring. Sooooo, that's all I have to say about Sororicide. I am happy to discuss the "cult" status of "The Entity", but won't change my mind... This IS mediocre album, not worth the money. Don't waste thembut if you really need to have it in your collection, get yourself this bootleg, because it's pretty well done and the whole presentation and quality is very good.  
Standout tracks: "Frightmares", "Old", "Life Below" 
Verdict: 50/100 

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