Thursday, 23 November 2017

In Obscurity Revealed - Spell of the Seeker

IN OBSCURITY REVEALED - Spell of the Seeker (CAVERNA ABISMAL Records MC 2015)
This is another completely new band, whose music impressed me a lot and I have to say that I was playing this cassette quite a lot recently. In Obscurity Revealed are from Mexico, so maybe this is why my impression is so big. Bigger than if it was yet another German or Swedish band. But honestly "Spell of the Seeker" demo is fuckin great. It was released in 2015 and I have here the second edition of this tape, released by Caverna Abismal Records limited in 200 copies. Sweet shit it is! 
All In Obscurity Revealed members have played also in other bands, of which I know Hacavitz the most. But In Obscurity Revealed is pure death metal act (maybe with a small blackened aura over everything). And the music on "Spell of the Seeker" reminds me some harsh and vicious European death metal bands, mainly Swedish, I supposeGenerally, it's the same obscure, evil atmosphere with chaos and death all over it and with slashing, ferocious riffs like you can find in bands such as Degial, Vorum, Beyond, Ensnared, Venenum... and old acts like Sadistic Intent, Repugnant or Mortem. And I love it, "Spell of the Seeker" is just as good as any recording from the bands I mentioned. These Mexicans not only composed some fantastic songs, filled with aggression, obscurity and mutilating onslaught of fierce riffs, but also everything has got a proper, powerful, but harsh production, which fits such music just perfectly. There are four tracks and each is a killer, in my opinion. 
More so, "Spell of the Seeker" is fantastically designed, when speaking of the layout, with occult symbols, great band photos, lyrics... I like it all, so for me In Obscurity Revealed was a brilliant discovery. After the demo, they released a 7"EP for Blood Harvest, which I obviously added to my want-list. And yes, I do recommend In Obscurity Revealed!!!! 
Stadout track: "Law of Thelema" 
Verdict: 85/100 

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