Thursday, 16 November 2017

Anatomia / Surgikill split

This 7"split from Selfmadegod Records caught my attention immediately. All in all, it features new song from almighty Anatomia!!!!!!! We're in the eve of the release of their new, so long awaited, album "Cranial Obsession", so anything – even one song – makes the torment of inpatient waiting for it less painful and shorter. And damn, I believe that "Creeps from Beneath" is truly fantastic and impressive track. It may even belong to Anatomia's best songs, who knows. Anyway, that sick, vicious and massive riffage in "Creeps from Beneath" is super awesome, I love how easily Anatomia creates the most eerie, horror aura, how heavy their sound is and how repulsive, but so killer the vocals are. I love that creepy, doomy slow tempo, I love that brutal sick music!!! And yes, it's Autopsy worship, but Anatomia – after all these years – has created their own sound and they're very fuckin good at it. The production is great, the artwork for their part of the split – by the mighty Putrid Matt - is exceptional... Do I need anything more? Yes, I need "Cranial Obsession" right now. In the meantime, "Creeps from Beneath" works perfectly as an appetizer. Another perfect song from Anatomia. Gods! 
I don't know Surgikill's debut album "Sanguinary Revelations" from last year (2016), but seeing who's in this band – and they are people from bands like Crucified Mortals, Estuary, Skeletal Spectre, WoodenstakeScaremaker and many more, involved – I believe that this can be another treat for my taste of filthy, vicious death metal. And "Cursed Nightgraves" doesn't disappoint, but also doesn't surprise me, because it sounds exactly as I would expect from the Noceras and the others. Filthy, raw and ugly death metal, not exceptionally brutal, everything is rather focused on the feeling and the horrorish atmosphere. The riffage is rather simplistic, but I could hear some great riffs. And I like that mix of all different sort of sick vokills (all in all there are four people doing the vocals in Surgikill!). So, I'm definitely interested to hear more from this project, so I put "Sanguinary Revelations" on my wantlist. 
This seven inch comes on 368 copies on black and 90 copies on red vinyl, get a copy, believe me it's very good release!!! 
Verdict: 80/100 

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