Monday, 20 November 2017

Impvreza - Y Correra Tu Sangre

IMPVREZA - Y Correra Tu Sangre (Self financed demo CDR 2005)
"Y Correra Tu Sangre" is the first demo from French band Impvreza. I honestly forgot that I have it, it's been looong time since I had it in my hands last time, but because I found it stack between some other CDs I decided to play it. It's very good stuff indeed, let me them write few words about this sick music! One thing has to be mentioned right from the start - Impvreza were one of those death metal bands, which from their very first demo tried to come up with more original style of death metal. They've been searching for more unique patterns and be more creative than the majority of beginners. And definitely they succeeded, they did nail it perfectly and even if this is not entirely my favourite style of death metal, I have to say I like it.  
All three songs on "Y Correra Tu Sangre" present quite technical and complex death metal. It's brutal as hell, with very uncompromising parts and truly crushing wall of riffage that sounds fierce and violent. But brutality is one thing. Another is that Impvreza supposedly tried to combine these sick death metal riffs with flamenco notes and acoustics, what gives quite bizarre, but interesting result. They also have Spanish lyrics (even though the band is French), what gives another dimension to everything. The result is very interesting for sure. I like the song "Y Corre Tu Sangre" because it's more traditional brutal death metal track, but such "La Checa del Perverso" with all these weird guitar parts and complexity of the rhythm section and structure, is definitely also quite interesting.  
So, I played the whole demo few times and definitely enjoyed it. I have also "TworzeniaResurrezioneDémence" and "Reincremation" split CDs in my collection, which both have some other Impvreza demos. I know also that the band has released two albums and is signed to Season of Mist, so maybe I will have a chance to listen to some new music from them. Interesting band for sure.  
Verdict: 70/100 

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