Thursday, 9 November 2017

Sadistic Intent - Resurrection of the Ancient Black Earth

SADISTIC INTENT - Resurrection of the Ancient Black Earth (IRON PEGASUS - CD 2009)
You don't have to agree with me (I don't care anyway), but I truly think that Sadistic Intent are one of the best death metal bands ever. I love their music and prefer it much, much more than albums from many so called big bands. This compilation CD will tell you exactly why I think so. Released by Iron Pegasus, it offers everything the best this band has ever recorded. To say it shortly, there are songs from three releases and each is just fuckin superb. In total we get real feast of pure, traditional death metal in its most malicious and morbid form! So, we have here "Resurrection" EP from 1994 and "Ancient Black Earth" EP from 1997 plus "Morbid Faith" EP from 2002 as sort of a bonus. For full happiness, I only miss songs from "Impending Doom..." and "A Calm Before the Storm", but what the hell... I love what I got anyway and I truly worship these sounds of obscure death metal. 
Every time I listen to these songs I feel like I'm in a trance and I just can't focus on anything else, but this incredible music. Sadistic Intent music may have been influenced by many old bands, starting with Slayer, Celtic Frost, through Autopsy, Morbid Angel, Necrovore, Incubus, Asphyx or Nihilist - and similarities to each of these bands are obvious. But Sadistic Intent came up with their own style anyway and the music, which these guys have composed belongs to the strongest and best ever. The number of incredible riffs per song is incredible, it's almost beyond belief how good it is. Every aspect of this music is top notch for me - riffage, arrangements, ideas, all these small details like perfectly placed keyboards parts... and of course the killer vocals of Bay Cortez. There are no weak parts or songs, which I would not like. And you know what? For me this is just as good as all the early Morbid Angel recordings - which I always considered as the ultimate and best death metal that ever was unleashed upon the mankind. "Ancient Black Earth" and "Resurrection" are right next to "Altars of Madness" and "Blessed Are the Sick" on the throne, in my opinion. You don't have to agree, I don't care, this is my review, so fuck off hahaha! But really this CD is so damn good that I cannot give it another verdict than 100/100, a perfect score. It ticks every box for what great death metal needs to have in my opinion and even exceeds it. With tracks like "Ancient Black Earth", "Asphyxiation", "Untimely End" or "Dark Predictions" it fuckin rules. I've been listening to these EPs for many years and many times, but they never bore me and I have never enough. I wish I had them on original vinyl pressings, but that is very unlike to happen with the prices they achieve nowadays. Well, at least I have this beautiful compilation. It sounds great also!! 
Soooo.... I cannot imagine that there's someone, who doesn't know Sadistic Intent and their incredible music. If you call yourself old school death metal maniac, but you have never heard them, you better catch up and buy their records. Absolutely fantastic stuff! For me they're along with Coffin Texts are the most underrated, but some of the best bands ever. Eternal worship!!!!!!!! 
Standout tracks: I would say ALL, but especially "Ancient Black Earth", "Dark Predictions" and "Untimely End" 
Verdict: 100/100 

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