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Archives of the Dead part XXVII - Eulogy - Three Dead Sheep (EP 1993)

Archives of the Dead part XXVII - Eulogy - Three Dead Sheep (EP 1993) 
Line up: Frank Bonneville (bass), Brian Craig (drums), Ivan Westley (guitars), Shawn Wilbur (vocals, guitars) 
Recorded at Parameters, Montréal. Mixed at Piranha Studio, Montréal. 
I love to search for some unknown, but exciting old death metal bands / demos. And I keep finding such all the time. Here's another such discovery, Eulogy! No, it's not that same and pretty well recognized Florida based Eulogy, who unleashed pretty "The Essence" EP back in 1993. This one is from Canada, formed back in 1990. They existed only for few years and released maybe couple of demos, of which I have listened to "Three Dead Sheep" from 1993. 
I have to say that a lot of these early Canadian bands were characterized by some brutal and twisted sounds. You have old Kataklysm, Purulence (which is my favourite Canadian death metal band), CryptopsyGorguts of corpse... and Eulogy is another fine name from the old Quebec scene, although it's pretty little known. "Three Dead Sheep" offers three songs and I have to say that I like them a lot. They had some crushing, brutal riffs, with some more technical parts here and there. They came up with plenty massive and savagery stuff, but there're also some twisted and quite surprising, fairly original motives, which make this EP even more interesting.  I have to say that there's very good instrumental work, I like that active and audible bass lines, great drumming of Brian Craig and bestial growl from Shawn Wilbur. Just check the opening track "Three Dead Sheep" and tell me what you think. I am pretty sure that fans of brutal death metal will like it. I know that the production is quite harsh, but it's pretty standard for these old days and definitely it doesn't influence the quality of the music. To me it all sounds very properly and I am once more be surprised that there's a band, which came up with so worthy material, but never got any attention at all. How come, tell me! 
Verdict: 70/100 

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