Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Voidkush - Stay Close to the Fire

VOIDKUSH - Stay Close to the Fire (EQUINOX DISCOS - CD 2016)
Voidkush is a new name on the Spanish metal scene, but the line up includes Gusi from Graveyard / Morbid Flesh / Agonised and Vomitor from Insulters. This band has released just recently their debut album “Stay Close to the Fire” and if you think that it’s something alike to any of the other bands that these maniacs are involved, then you’re rather wrong. There’s only one thing that all of them have in common and it’s their passion for traditional, old school metal. But each of these bands is different, so is Voidkush, who sounds like a tribute to not one, but rather several metal subgenres like doom, heavy, black – all in their archaic and classic forms.
Many of the riffs and the overall aura of “Stay Close to the Fire” has a traditional doom metal vibe. Even the production has that worm, organic, smoky, doomy feeling, although I think it’s a bit more aggressive and even darker that the usual Cathedral or whatever doom stuff you will think of. Mixing doom with other subgenres gives quite good results, I need to say, I really like many riffs that are here and the whole aura that this music creates. Sadly, the only thing, which sounds a bit odd are the vocals, which are like harsh, dry black metal screams. I cannot agree that they always fit to this sort of music. I’m afraid that quite often it all just asks to use a cleaner, powerful voice and who knows if it would give a better effect. For me personally the whole vocal performance is just too monotonous, so after a while I get a bit annoyed with them. The songs start to sound the same also, sometimes you don’t even know when one songs ends and another begins.
It doesn’t mean that “Stay Close to the Fire” is uninteresting. It is a good album, with some inspiring songs on it… but far from being exceptional. I like the musical background, with the riffage (good performance, good arrangements, etc), atmosphere, etc, but not how it all sounds together with the vocals. Which is a shame, I guess.
Oh, and I love the artwork for “Stay Close to the Fire” also, it looks just awesome, especially as it comes in a foldout booklet. Great lyrics as well!
Standout tracks: none of them really stands out, as they all get to sound the same. “Through the Shadows I Come” maybe??

Final rate: 65/100

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