Sunday, 8 July 2018

Bezdan - Spirits of the Past

BEZDAN - Spirits of the Past (WOLFSPELL Records - CD 2018)
Black metal from Serbia is not something I listen to often. I do know that their scene has many bands, but I know only very few, like The Stone, Kozeljnik and May Result, so I apologize for being rather little informed. Hopefully I will have a chance to hear some more stuff from there though. Bezdan is a good start. This Serbian band just released their debut EP “Spirits of the Past” through Wolfspell Records and I can definitely say that this CD is good stuff and worth recommendation piece of black metal.  
Bezdan music is soaked in aggressive, raw energy and vicious aura, which is always good to hear, especially in times, when it becomes a rarity. And “Spirits of the Past” filled my need for old school, grim black metal. It may not be the most impressive material I ever heard, but damn, I did enjoy it a lot. This band surely has found influence in the abyss of second wave of black metal from North of Europe, but it would rather be the Finnish black metal than the Norwegian one. Yes, you’ll find here that harshness, maliciousness and savagery which is similar to what bands like SargeistHorna or Goatmoon have been delivering for so many years now. Bezdan brings this style with no shame and with good result, having composed four impressive and quality black metal anthems. The music is obviously quite simplistic, speaking of the structures or arrangements, yet it is not primitive and I can hear here many splendid riffs, even few more melodic parts, which I think give the best and most interesting result. Tempo wise it’s also well balanced between fast, uncompromising stuff and slow paced, more monumental stuff. I like the obscure, cold atmosphere of the music, I also like these harsh vocals of Void... Great guitar playing and drumming, fantastic production... In my humble opinion “Spirits of the Past” has everything to satisfy your hunger for harsh, vicious black metal. Give them a chance then. 
Verdict: 70/100 

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