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Archives of the Dead part XXVIII - Obscure Infinity - Requiem (demo 1993)

Archives of the Dead part XXVIII - Obscure Infinity - Requiem (demo 1993)
Line up: Erik Norberg (bass), Frank Johansen (drums), Jocke Rydbjer (guitars), Magnus Persson (vocals)  
Recorded between 4th-6th of December, 1992 at Gorysound Studio. 
Obscure Infinity is a lesser known band from the early 90's Swedish death metal scene, but I think they're worth to check, especially if you love all those fantastic obscure demo bands like Fulmination, Adversary or Toxaemia. They all had great quality and released killer demos. Unfortunately, they never had enough luck to unleash full lengths. Which they should!!!  
Obscure Infinity were brilliant. Formed in 1990 they debuted with "Beyond the Gate" in 1992 and then "Requiem" was released in 1993. This demo consists five unbelievably good death metal songs. The band sounds pretty much typical for the Swedish scene. Think of Cemetary, Goddefied, Interment, early Dark Tranquillity, Edge of Sanity... But that's not a reason to complain for me, because the songwriting here is fantastic. These songs are aggressive and dark as hell ("Follow Us"), but are combined with a strong melodic base and atmospheric parts, which in songs like "Request in Peace" are even underlined by acoustic guitars and keyboards. This seven minutes long track is almost epic and progressive with all these melodic passages and impressive arrangements. It's exceptional for a demo band from those old days. Listen to the final part of it, how unique it sounds. Ohh, I just love this song and the atmosphere the band creates there! This is why I always loved the Swedish death metal scene the most - for the amazing feeling and darkness that comes from all these bands. But on "Requiem" each of these five songs is brilliant, for me personally this material is equally good to the bands I mentioned above. Even the production from Gory Sound studio is excellent, what proves that this is high class Swedish death metal. And one of my all-time favourite demos from that period of time, along Adversary, YES! 
Interesting fact about this demo is that most copies of this cassette that were printed (released in 500 copies) were burnt in a fire of bedroom of Exhumed Productions' owner. What a shame!! But think how rare this demo is because of that! I actually saw copies of the first demo going for 60 euros, which is nuts! Anyway, I would love to see it released on CD and LP, compiled with all other Obscure Infinity stuff. I know that Vic Records was interested, but without luck yet. Fingers crossed that they will manage one day! 
Standout track: "Nocturnal Autopsy", "Request in Peace" 
Verdict: 90/100 

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