Wednesday, 17 August 2016

God Disease - Rebirth of Horror

GOD DISEASE - Rebirth of Horror (Self released CD 2016)
Not a long ago I was introduced to God Disease with their great CD compilation “Doom Howler / Abyss Cathedral”, which featured two EPs of the band. In my rather enthusiastic review I applaud their music and gave it a good score of 80/100. I am happy that that the band didn’t make me wait long for their another sonic attack and recently God Disease released their new EP called “Rebirth of Horror”. What a pleasure to find such a killer music in your mailbox and be able to play it! And yes, yet again I am fully impressed with their music! I do sincerely recommend their shit to everybody. You will love it, believe me.
Obviously we have many killer death / doom bands these days, like Hooded Menace, Uncoffined, Anatomia, Into Darkness, Temple of Void, Solothus, Swallowed and so on and on. Each is just fuckin awesome, in my opinion and yes, I am an addict to such sounds, I worship this gloomy, dark and utterly ghastly atmosphere, which such bands evoke. I can put God Disease among my favourites easily. Their music is excellent and now, when I listen to “Rebirth of Horror” I have to say that it also gets better and better. This EP is phenomenal. There are only four tracks, but what a fantastic listen it is! The music is obviously very heavy and gloomy, it’s mostly slow, but there’s not even a single moment of boredom, because God Disease brings some killer riffs, the arrangements are very good… And I love how they put many melodic parts in the slow, crushing riffage. I like how brutal this music is at the same time, with pure heaviness and nasty, deep growls of Ilkka Johannes Laaksonen. It works the best in the title song, but also such “Dreaming in Death” is simply fantastic (this songs is actually reminding me even some very early works of such Swallow the Sun). But every song from this EP stands out. “Catacombs” is the one, which is most aggressive and it’s actually faster than everything else here, combining some doomy parts with surprising fast fragments. And “Deeper into Flames” turns into a lengthy ten minutes long beast of death / doom, filled with darkness and sorrow.
Yeah, I don’t need to write anything else. “Rebirth of Horror” is an excellent EP and I have to say that God Disease should be a tasty offer for such labels like Memento Mori, FDA or Dark Descend – they should really look at this band and sign them for a full length album, right now!

Final rate: 85/100

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